Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ipod stuck on replay?

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People around Ravens headquarters will tell you that if you see a large group of players gathered around listening to someone, there’s a good chance that someone is Troy Smith.

Smith has confidence and swagger. He’s articulate and possesses leadership qualities that teammates gravitate towards.

If only he had the game to match.

Smith thinks highly of himself and that’s ok when you are a quarterback in the NFL.

The problem for Smith is that not too many other teams view him as he views himself.

Seneca Wallace goes to Cleveland.

Jake Delhomme follows him there.

David Carr goes to San Francisco while Charlie Whitehurst heads to the Pacific Northwest in exchange for a third round draft pick!

Meanwhile Smith doesn’t even get a sniff from another club despite his bargain basement price tag of a fifth round pick.

Maybe there’s more to the story…

Word is that once back in 2008 Smith had his ipod blasting in the Ravens locker room as he ducked in for a shower. When he emerged from the shower his ipod’s volume was turned way down. In a very profane way, Smith demanded to know who dialed down the decibels.

A man standing behind Smith said, “I did.”

The former Buckeye turned around and standing before him was none other than John Harbaugh.

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Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 March 24th
I had heard that Story, the day after it happened from a reliable source, who was at the Castle that day. I'm sure Troy found out in a hurry that you don't step on Supermans cape and you don't spit into the wind. I will be surprised if MR.SMITH is still wearing purple after the up coming draft?