Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gaither missing his love connection in the NFL

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There has been a ton of speculation regarding Jared Gaither and the apparent lack of interest in the former Terp. Nationally prominent insiders like NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora have hinted that the Ravens might accept the Redskins’ second round pick (No. 36 overall) in exchange for Gaither. But is that enough for the Ravens?

Gaither just turned 24 and he has three seasons under his belt. He is battled tested (28 career starts) and has held his own against some fairly formidable opponents at the left tackle position.

So why hasn’t the first round tendered restricted free agent attracted more attention from other clubs?

Gaither’s work ethic has been questioned as well as his consistency on the field. There are times when he’s dominant and yet there are other times when he appears a bit disinterested. But could there be more to the story than that?

One source close to 24x7 speaking on condition of anonymity, has mentioned that Gaither might be in “the program.” In other words he may have a strike or two against him in the league’s substance abuse program and another could earn a four game suspension. If true this clearly would explain why Gaither is not being courted by left tackle needy teams around the league.

Take it for what it’s worth but I will say if there’s even a hint of truth to this allegation and our source is aware of it, it is likely old news to the league’s inner circle and that news helps explain the obvious erosion in Gaither’s market value.

If the club wants to take a chance on Gaither, now might be the time. They just might get him for a club friendly price.

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