Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bring in the malcontents, Ray Lewis will shape them up!

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Why is it that whenever a report or rumor surfaces about the Ravens considering a known malcontent with off-the-field issues that supporters of such moves lean on Ray Lewis?

He won’t beat up his girlfriend again in Baltimore.

He’ll never drink and drive again if he becomes a Raven.

He won’t be such a locker room cancer at the palace in Owings Mills.

Because if he is any of the above, he’ll have to face the wrath of the Ravens’ answer to Vito Corleone – Ray Lewis.

I can see it now…some dark damp corner at Ravens headquarters…just outside of the boiler room. There’s an old wooden chair in the middle of the room with a single light beaming down brightly just above the chair.

There are leather straps and brass knuckles scattered on a table along with some archaic dental tools used back in the early 1900’s to extract wisdom teeth.

There are blindfolds and some old bloodstained white hoods used to usher malcontents in and out of the room.

And then there’s Ray Lewis.

C’mon people!

It’s not Ray’s job to be the principal, the enforcer, the goon or The Godfather.

Ray is a leader, a motivator and mentor to the younger players, a Pro Bowl ILB and a dedicated and determined athlete who seeks another ring. That’s all he needs to be and that’s all he’s going to be.

Why people think that Brandon Marshall will suddenly voluntary to accompany little old ladies to the grocery store if he became Ray Lewis’ teammate is laughable.

Look back to the days of Chris McAlister. CMac was a three time Pro Bowler but had the talent to be so much more. Yet he was his own worst enemy off the field and it affected his performance on the field. We don’t need to rehash the particulars.

Yet here was a player who grew up in the NFL with Ray Lewis from Day 1 and Ray couldn’t corral or influence McAlister. That wasn’t his job.

It never was and it never will be…

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Jerry B said...

Right on, again, TL! Not part of Ray's job description. Besides, the last time I looked, the only person with any control over T.O is T.O. and he's completely....out of control!

Jerry said...

I get so fed up with people always saying this about Ray. Tony your descriptive scene would make for a great Bang cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Ray Lewis job is not to babysit grown men. And even if it was, he cant force a grown man to change their ways if they dont want to. If Owens, Marshall, or whoever wanted to change their life style they'd take the intiative to do it themselves. They wouldnt require Ray Lewis help.

I dont agree with Cmac as an example though. To be fair when Cmac came into the league, Lewis was not the respected player that he is today. He was a young player learning the ropes himself when Cmac came into the league.