Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birds of a different feather

The last time a couple of osprey flew east from Seattle, fishing for a new contract and landed in B’more to don a new shade of feathers, they turned into champions and Pro Bowlers as Ravens.

Of course I’m speaking of Michael McCrary and Sam Adams.

Could Cory Redding be the third former Seahawk to earn the NFL’s biggest prize in The Land of Pleasant Living?

You have to think that a modest two year deal for $6 million for the 29 year old Redding is a definite bargain when compared to the four year, $18 million deal signed by the recently departed Dwan Edwards in Buffalo.

Two players motivated by different things – one a ring, the other cha-ching!

Redding has already landed one big pay day in Detroit when he received a $16 million signing bonus in 2007. Now his motivation has changed slightly particularly after being miscast in Seattle.

You have to love a player who has something to prove.

After the next two seasons in Baltimore playing for a traditionally stout defense, Redding will be 31 years old with some shelf life left as a D-lineman. Then he could cash in again.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a defender has contributed in Baltimore, given his resume a jolt and took off for greener pastures.

That’s a win-win in my book.

Here’s a look at Redding and Edwards statistically:

Cory Redding: Age (29) Solo Tackles (182); Asst. Tackles (41); Total (223); Sacks (18); Forced Fumbles (6)

Dwan Edwards: Age (28) Solo Tackles (91); Asst. Tackles (29); Total (120); Sacks (2); Forced Fumbles (1)

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Anonymous said...

The team typically knows what it's doing when it comes to defensive linemen. They've signed a lot of free agents at that position compared to others, and I struggle to think of any that didn't exceed expectations. Siragusa, Pryce, Bannan, Gregg, Douglas to name a few others.