Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ravens might not use No. 1 pick for offensive player

Perhaps one of if not THE worst kept secrets heading into the 2010 NFL Draft is that the Ravens need to upgrade their passing game. That said don’t be shocked if the Ravens opt NOT to select a receiver or tight end for that matter in Round 1.

Their needs in my opinion go in this order: WR; DE; TE; and CB. The balance is simply a question of building the roster from the bottom up and that means adding quality depth.

I don’t see the team veering away from their draft board. The Ravens’ scouting department spends the better part of a year building that board so why abandon it for need? Now they could skip a player or two on the board to fill a need if the grade on the skipped player(s) is only marginally higher than the need pick.

Nobody asked me but if I had a wish list for the Ravens to achieve their offseason goal to upgrade the passing game it would include: 1) Veteran No. 1 receiver; 2) Derrick Mason; 3) One or two quality collegiate WR’s in Rounds 2-3; 4) A tight end.

With the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft... Who knows at this point who the Ravens are leaning towards. Inevitably a player that Ozzie Newsome & Co. covet probably falls down the draft board. But a WR might be a reach at this position in the draft. Only OK State's Dez Bryant appears to be a lock from the 25th pick north. This draft has been described as having adequate depth at WR but not much in terms of blue chip prospects.

Perhaps the Ravens' will trade down and acquire additional picks, one of which I would like to see spent on DE Brandon Graham from Michigan. He could make an impact from Day 1. Double teaming of players like Terrell Suggs or Haloti Ngata might suddenly become a thing of the past unless opponents choose to hold in tight ends and backs to support pass protection. That would then have a naturally positive effect on the Ravens’ secondary – more bodies to cover fewer players.

It’s hard not to watch Graham (No. 55, 1:37 & 2:45 marks of video below) in all his Michigan Wolverine regalia and not think of the Steelers’ Lamar Woodley. I think that move has played out pretty well for Pittsburgh so far.


ravcolt said...

Ravens are in big need of a Center/Guard to replace Birk and provide depth for Grubbs (a bust?) and Yanda/Chester. With no decent back up and Birk at the end of his career do not want us scrambling to fill the important position. Need to use second or third rounder at worst.

Jerry B said...

It's always been "best player and right price" for Ozzie and his staff, but when a team is as deficient in one area as the Ravens are at wide receiver, the mantra should be, "Best wide receiver at best price"! Besides, what good is a "franchise" QB if he doesn't have the weapons needed to get to the next level?