Monday, February 08, 2010

Random thoughts on Super Bowl XLIV

Drew Brees…WOW!

Here’s an undersized quarterback with average arm strength, cast aside by the Chargers and largely ignored by even the most QB-needy teams (the Ravens included) when he was a free agent following the 2005 season due to rotator cuff issues.

Yet the Saints took a chance and clearly they’ve been rewarded.

Has there ever been a more deserving Super Bowl MVP – a player universally adored by teammates, fans everywhere and the City of New Orleans.

Drew Brees you’ve taught us all something about determination, perseverance, class and style in reaching the pinnacle of your profession.

Thank you!

S-A-T-U-R…D-A-Y NIGHT! Why not change the day of the Super Bowl to Saturday?

Super Saturday sounds just fine to me. Besides, if last night was any indication the party was just getting started when the Saints finished marching all over the Colts en route to their Super Bowl XLIV victory. But instead of hearing, “Let’s Get it Started”, we had to “Take the Long Way Home.”

Everyone wins by moving this game to Saturday.

If not, then how about making Super Bowl Monday a national holiday?

I’m a bit torn about Peyton Manning’s decision to make a beeline to the locker room after last night’s game. My initial reaction was to tag the behavior lame and borderline classless. But I’ve shoved those labels aside for the time being because Manning consistently shows class and I’ll take what I believe as a rather lame explanation at face value.

"I certainly know how it was three years ago when we won . . . " Manning said. "There's the stage being set up, and the celebration, and it's time for the Saints to celebrate. It's their field. They deserve the moment."But I certainly congratulate all their players and the Saints organization. I will speak to Drew Brees, speak to Sean Payton, and they deserve all the credit."

The Saints have something in common with the Ravens. Along with the Tampa Bay Bucs and the New York Jets they are the four teams to win their only Super Bowl appearance.

Did the game officials let these teams play or what? Eight penalties for 64 yards in TOTAL! That’s a well behaved day for the Ravens. Although I have to admit that if I was a Colts’ fan, I would have been pretty steamed over the offensive holding penalties that weren’t called. But I’m not so, GO SAINTS!

Is Reggie Bush a necessary Saint? I don’t think so and something tells me the uncapped season will give the Saints an easy way out and they’ll dump that big salary just south of a 10 digit number in ’10. By the way the Texans got it right selecting Mario Williams over Kim Kardashian’s significant other…Chris McAlister, a player many around here clamored for during the ’09 season, could have been a Super Bowl champion again but the fact is as it stands right now, the guy can no longer play, doesn’t care enough about the game or both and that’s why he remains on the outside looking in. What a waste. The guy could have been a Hall of Famer.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, can someone please explain to me how Floyd Little gets in and Shannon Sharpe is still on the outside looking in? The HOF should be embarrassed by this. Little played nine years, had just one 1,000 yard season and scored 52 career touchdowns – hardly HOF worthy.

Was Tracy Porter’s pick 6 reminiscent of Duane Starks’ in Super Bowl XXXV or what? And you know it was set up in part by similar circumstances. Back in 2001, Armani Toomer ran a square in route that was hardly crisp. Toomer’s tentativeness was influenced in large part by the way the Ravens were hitting the Giants’ receivers when they entered the area of the field inside the numbers. Starks recognized the film studied tendencies of Kerry Collins and jumped the route.

Similarly Porter jumped a less than precise square in route of Reggie Wayne’s who was seen sporting a slight case of alligator arms earlier in the game. Physical play, like body blows in boxing almost always has an effect late in football games. Super Bowl XLIV was no exception.

I have a friend who is a bit of a grammatical geek and corrects my abuse of the English language from time to time. He thinks that last night’s halftime entertainment should be called The Whom. That said, I am a fan of The Who but I think it’s time for those guys to hang it up.

Hey, maybe Geritol should consider being a Super Bowl sponsor.

And while we’re on the topic of sponsors, I admit to having a bias towards the ETrade ads and for me this one (below) was at least among the best, if not the best.


Anonymous said...

The NFL needs to just do away with the Superbowl halftime show. Its useless and it stinks. Every year since boob-gate its been horrible. I'd honestly rather watch a bunch of kids compete in the NFL's pass, punt, kick competition over all these past their prime performers singing songs I have only heard at the begining of TV shows. Seriously, I am only 20 and while I like some old music, its not something that I want to see in the middle of a football game. Bring back the mixtures of old and new, which adds something for everyone or get rid of it.

ravcolt said...

When the Colts selected to wear their blue uniforms I knew they were done (as I emailed you earlier). That has always been their curse (except in '59). Or is it that they win in the whites? Lets hope whatever WR the Ravens acquire will not have the guts of Reggie Wayne. And I'm not sure I have ever seen him so bad. I guess you just never know. Green Police and Betty White ad's were the best. The Who sounded great considering they were minus their true rhythm section (RIP) and peaked in 1969. Most of all it was good to see NO and Drew Brees capture a title for a town that has gone through more than even Baltimore (ours just never stops).
Bring on the draft and the beautiful April weekend so ruined by Roger (it's all about the fan) Goodell.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Feb 8th
OMG..just heard BOB TURK on Ch 13 say... up to 20 inches of Snow by Wednesday. What did we do to deserve this?
...I may be getting old.. but I rather enjoyed the crisp 14 minutes of the "WHOM"... they are all still younger than I am...but not by much..
...GREAT SUPERBOWL. I like to see a new TEAM win every once in a while...and I think 43 years is once in a while. Here is hoping that its not that LONG...before the Local 11 hoists the LOMBARDI TROPHY again....

Anonymous said...

Like the idea of a Saturday night Super Bowl but my guess is somewhere along the line the NFL determined that they'll get better ratings on a Sunday and therefore justify higher ad prices.

Peyton Manning is like the kid who brought the basketball to the neighborhood court and left with it after he lost. Big friggin' baby.

Jerry B said...

Accuracy trumps all other attributes for QBs and Brees has it in abundance! When you add poise and pocket presence, you get the complete package. Arm strength, while "frosting on the cake", isn't essential as long as the arm strength is adequate - Montana never had great arm strength, for example. There have been many QBs with great arm strength who could overthrow or miss receivers consistently. Kyle Booler comes quickly to mind! Height, like arm strength isn't critical either....Unitas was barely 6'1" in cleats. As for those ready to annoint Manning the "greatest ever", as great as he is, he's average in the post season with a 9-9 record and 1-1 in the Super Bowl. In fact, he has as many Super Bowl victories as his brother, Eli, Brad Johnson and....Trent Dilfer! The Colts played one of the easier schedules this year, also. Nice to see the refs letting 'em play for a change, although there are some who think that Manning was flagrantly "blocked in the back" on the "Pick 6" return for a TD. As I noted elsewhere earlier in the week, the "perfect season" stigma won't go away for the Colts. Had they won, it would have been reported that they shoulda/coulda/woulda gone undefeated; by losing, there will be lingering doubts about managements' decision to "rest players" who obviously disagreed with that decision and may have lost desire as well as momentum. In any event, it's always good news in Baltimore when the Indianapolis team......loses!!!