Saturday, February 06, 2010

Paging Bruce Cunningham

This site has been critical of The Bruce Cunningham Show. Some might even say we’ve been overly critical.

The show just doesn’t do it for me on so many levels but that isn’t the point of this blog.

Despite my criticisms, I do tune in from time to time and I receive my fair share of emails from folks who share my opinion about the show. Yet we keep coming back.

Maybe that’s because some can’t capture WNST’s signal; maybe some don’t like Jim Rome; others don’t have satellite radio.

And it could be all the above.

Yesterday I listened and heard Bruce introduce a new feature of the show…a 15 second rant session for listeners calling into the show. It wasn’t exactly a smash hit coming out of the gates but in time, perhaps it could be.

To help recover from the rant’s sloppy start, Cunningham asked frequent co-host Mike Preston to vent his spleen for 15. Preston’s beef was about the vicious criticisms he receives from anonymous posters. The Sun columnist regularly exhibits some pretty thick skin and he’d like those posters to shed the veil of anonymity.

The rant was fully supported by Cunningham who seems to prefer a forum in which thoughts and ideas can be freely exchanged and debated with a measure of accountability.

Now for those who aren’t aware, Cunningham frequents message boards yet often categorizes their members as spineless and gutless. Perhaps there’s some small truth to that in a few cases but to use such a broad stroke is very inappropriate. I know from firsthand experience that many are very insightful and well versed in the intricacies of the NFL both on and off the field.

Cunningham’s beef seems to center upon the inability to exchange and debate on message boards without knowing who you are debating with. He even lumped in some bloggers with the anonymous posters. Maybe that was a shot at Mojo Rizon…

So with all this in mind it sparked an idea. Why not formally and publicly invite Bruce Cunningham to be a 24x7 blogger? C’mon Bruce, man up! Get your thoughts out there Bruce. Here’s a venue for you to say what you want to say without censorship.

This is a sincere invitation with no agenda other than to provide you with another way to share your ideas, opinions or even those trips down memory lane that might not be a comfortable fit for the corporate setting of 105.7 The Fan or Sinclair Broadcasting.

If you want to slam me or anyone, bring it on. Any blog comments whether anonymous or not you are free to respond to in the professional manner that I’m sure you are more than capable of.

And please don’t say that you don’t have the time.

As you’ve always said, you want your show to be a dialogue between you and callers. And that’s cool. That’s your M.O. You have Mark Zinno and Mike Preston there to dig into the things that are outside of your comfort zone. So how much preparation does that show really require?

And as for your Fox 45 duties, how much time is really needed to prepare 10 minutes of copy for the teleprompter?

Here’s your chance Bruce.

Accept it and I’m sure your listeners will appreciate it and it will expand your Bruce Cunningham brand.

Reject it and some will think you are a poser.

Prove you are not.

The ball is on the tee Bruce and the 24x7 fairway is wide open.

You can send your blog entries to

Thank you for your consideration.

I hope you don’t let us down.


Tony Lombardi said...

Well judging from the lack of any response here from anyone besides the crickets, I must be alone in thinking that adding Bruce to the line-up of bloggers on 24x7 would be a plus.

So while I am disappointed by Bruce's clear rejection of my invitation (you can read it here:, I am happy to hear that he (in his words, not mine) "will be blogging all the time on [], and I heartily invite all of you to read them. Right here. Nowhere else."

I'm sure that's good news for Dave LaBrozzi and the good people at CBS Radio. Before Bruce's public answer to my "page" his last posted blog was on October 8. I look forward to Bruce's future contributions to and to see exactly what he means when he says "all the time."

Good luck Bruce and if you change your mind, please consider this an open invitation.

Redbone said...

TL, you should be happy Bruce said no. Any of the writers on this site can fart more football knowledge than Cunningham can conjure up on his best day.

Sometimes the best things that happen are the things that don't happen.

Spanky Jiz said...

Tony, Tone, Toni! Shame on you! You blew it! You could have been far more diplomatic about this and not tried to call Bruce out publicly and then, maybe, just maybe he would have consented. Instead you will never have his insightful brand of sports analysis grace the pages of 24x7. Here's a sampling of what you will never see and I'm sure something potential sponsors would have devoured like a ravenous Tiger Woods at a cheerleader competition:

"OK, I took the 21 inches in stride back in December. I grabbed my shovel and dug my house out. Last weekend, I took the 24 inches in stride and again, grabbed my shovel and dug my house out. This evening, I can’t even find my stride.

My question is this: whom did we anger? Why in the world must we be innundated like this? Maybe we can cut some kind of deal, perhaps we could substitute some pushups, or wind sprints, or maybe write something a thousand times on the blackboard. In the name of all that’s holy, have we not had enough?

This weather is bringing out the worst in me. You are reading the musings of a desparate man."


All kidding aside if this weather really brings out the worst in Bruce you may want to tune in tomorrow because the sports drivel and irrelevant story telling will be spewing like a 13 year old surfing internet porn.

At least I figured the guy could spell. How DESPERATE was 105.7 to bring on this poser?

What a piece of work!

Amy Winehouse said...

I just love how Bruce can recite his formula for successful relationships but later describe the pains of divorce and living with someone who has substance issues. If I was married to Mr. Cunningham I might have substance issues too.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste my time asking this man to respond. He is a second rate sportscaster; a second rate stadium announcer who often makes at least 5 mistakes during each and every Ravens game...I COULD go on and on...

Sweet Lu said...

Bruce Cunningham is going to blog all the time? Yeah right! I've been digging into the 105.7 website forever looking for his blog and he's yet to write one this year. No blog, no insight, and about the best and most honest thing he says is "I don't know, I just don't know."

No way he can stay on the air much longer. His ineptness is even more obvious sitting beside the best sports talk show host around, Bob Haynie.

If you leave love Baltimore madly, throw in the towel, please!