Saturday, February 13, 2010

A message board, grave site violation

Recently a thread entitled “Ravens fan pays Irsay his respects” was posted on our message board and featured a picture of a Ravens’ fan doing his best Roger Daltrey impersonation while re-enacting the album cover of The Who’s, “Who’s Next” at Robert Irsay’s grave site.

The topic was brought up by Drew Forrester during his Comcast Morning Show on WNST on Friday.

Fair enough.

Debatable topic featuring strong emotions is good radio.

However Forrester violated an understood message board code that protects the anonymity of message board members when he mentioned a member by his actual name. How he discovered the name for the moment is a mystery. (Maybe President Obama should send Forrester over to Afghanistan to track down Bin Laden...)

Now one may argue that thoughts expressed on message boards are public and therefore they can be discussed publicly – even on radio. I get that.

But to call out a person by his or her real name on air violates a message board’s collective understanding regarding anonymity. On a message board a member who chooses to remain anonymous can debate with other members who can choose their own flavor of anonymity and they can do so at their own discretion and frequency.

However taking that debate from one forum to another (radio in this case) places all the control in the hands of the radio host who also happens to be a message board member. The fairness of a level playing field (the message board) has been removed.

Anonymity, unless sacrificed by the message board member freely and intentionally, is an understood concept and board members shouldn't be raped of that benefit.

And certainly doing so on the radio takes the violation to an even greater level.

To borrow from The Who again, allow message board members their "Eminence Front."

After all, "It's a put on..."


Eddie Haskell said...

Why should anyone be surprised by Drew's behavior? He has behaved like that on air for years.

Jerry B said...

I saw that and thought it was one of those digitally "doctored" photos.......

Harryos29 said...

harry Os 29 Feb 13th
I'm just sitting here with a beer...enjoying Emmenince Front for the 40th time...
and NO..Ozzie cannot draft the W/R the Ravens need in the 1st Roun.... All we have to go on is...Past DRAFT History...