Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

Even with Anita Marks gone, the name Brandon Marshall continues to pop up. The majority of Ravens’ fans seem to want to look past Marshall’s lengthy list of off-the-field transgressions and according to our most recent poll here on Ravens24x7.com, 62% as of this writing believe that Ozzie Newsome should sacrifice a No. 1 draft pick or more to dress the productive receiver in purple and black.

Given Ozzie’s track record with No. 1 picks, fans should keep in mind that more than likely you are exchanging a future Pro Bowl player for a current one. Granted Marshall fills a big need but Ozzie would be short-sighted not to consider the big picture.

The Ravens aren’t delusional and they don’t expect to employee a collection of choir boys. That said one of the dangers in trading for Marshall is not only the opportunity costs of a high end pick or two to get him, John Harbaugh could lose the locker room if Marshall reverts to his malcontent antics. If the Ravens were forced to cater to the diva receiver in an effort to recoup their investment, might that chip away at Harbaugh’s “What’s Our Name?” and “Play Like a Raven” mantras?

However, if the investment is something less than a No. 1, then the Ravens might deal with an acquired Marshall with a more forceful hand to save face and maintain managerial integrity in the locker room.

Besides the risks in acquiring Marshall, as one of the Final Eight in the 2009 post season the Ravens will have to adhere to certain rules prescribed for the best teams entering what appears to be an uncapped 2010 season.

The “Final Eight Plan” limits what the best 8 teams can spend, and when they can spend, on Unrestricted Free Agents (“UFAs”). The plan unfortunately does not provide much in the way of loopholes (such as a sign and trade) to circumvent the restrictions on UFA’s for the Final Eight. You can read more on the Final Eight Plan here.

If the Ravens want Marshall who is not a UFA, not only will they have to take risks, team capologist Pat Moriarty will also have to get a bit creative.


Jerry B said...

Pass, "on" not "to" this malcontent!

Tony Lombardi said...

Reading between the lines of comments made by Steve Bisciotti during the State of the Ravens presser yesterday, the Ravens have no interest in Marshall.