Thursday, February 04, 2010

Marshall and the Ravens not a match

It doesn’t take a CSI to read between the lines of comments made by Steve Bisciotti during the State of the Ravens presser yesterday and find clear messages.

One of those messages – the Ravens have no interest in Brandon Marshall.

One of our site visitors took me to task on the following opinion that appeared in a blog entry entitled, Marshall, Marshall, Marshall:

Given Ozzie’s track record with No. 1 picks, fans should keep in mind that more than likely you are exchanging a future Pro Bowl player for a current one.

For the record I absolutely encourage everyone to challenge the opinions stated here. I’m just a fan with the good fortune of having team access.

Ok, back on point.

So I did a little research to support the opinion emboldened above....

Since the Ravens arrived in Baltimore in 1996, Ozzie Newsome has had 16 No. 1 draft picks. Of those 16, nine have gone on to the Pro Bowl, 1 (Grubbs) has been named an alternate and 2 others (Flacco, Oher) are highly likely to make an appearance during the next couple of seasons.

Of those that didn't make it (Boller, Starks, Taylor, Clayton) all had something in common -- they were need picks.

Yesterday Ozzie made it very clear that they will not make that mistake again.

"I'll never put this organization in a position where need becomes more important than best player."

I think the track record does suggest that more than likely Ozzie's next No. 1 pick is a future Pro Bowler. And if you buy that Flacco and Oher will one day become one and Grubbs moves from alternate to the actual squad, the math suggests that Ozzie hits on a Pro Bowler 75% of the time.

Take away the need picks and maybe that number is even better.

What do you think the chances are of seeing a new Brandon Marshall mug shot?


Jerry B said...

I'm not buying this philosophy. Wasn't Flacco a....."need pick"?! Like I said in another response, with a desperate need for wide reveivers, the goal should wide receiver! Now, if they can fill that "need" through free agency and/or trade, so be it. Then they can draft, "best player" on the board. For whatever reason, when it comes to receivers, this organization hasn't been able to "find" Austin Collies, Pierre Garcons or Edelmans at any place or price! So, they better concentrate their efforts on this "need" position if they want "Joe Cool" and the Ravens to get to the next level!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Best Player Available philosophy, but I also think Ozzie will trade down if the BPA is someone they don't need, such as a QB. I think the Ravens would like to expand their number of draft picks for a number of reasons.

First, I think the Ravens will draft 2 receivers or 1 TE and a WR.
The need will be met, but it will be done in getting quantity over quality. Competition is the word of the day and it will happen in training camp, which leads me to point number 2.

We may pick up some players that are cut from other teams to fill holes, but fans should not have any romantic notions about landing Brandon Marshall, Anquan Bolton, or any other star receiver. The Ravens are too value oriented and with the restrictive CBA rules in effect, the Ravens will be more frugal in their dealings than in the past. I hate to say it, but look for an off-season very much like the Orioles--filling holes, but not making the big splash. Player movement in the league will be limited and teams will remain intact.

The Ravens live on the mantra of "Right player, right price" and it should come as no surprise as to the direction the team will take this year.

Scot said...

It might be more than likely his
1st round pick will make the pro bowl...but the 75% likely is a big stretch IMO.

ravcolt said...

All "making the Pro Bowl" guarantees a first round pick is that he will get another exorbitant contract from Ozzie when its time.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 FEB 4th
From everything, I've seen: heard & read: ain't no way Brandon Marshall will be a Raven in the fall. LOOK...Art Modell and Ozzie were intellegent enough to Select Johnathan Ogden over running back Lawrence Phillips of Nebraska in 1996. Just compare the two careers of OGEN and PHILLIPS. Remember, no matter how good a player is...he cannot score touchdowns, if he is behind bars...... Superbowl prediction Colts 31-21 over Saints..not what I want to see, but PETYON is just that good..