Monday, February 01, 2010

If you wondered why Rex Ryan isn't the Ravens head coach...

There’s a reason that it took Rex Ryan as long as it did to patrol a sideline of his very own. The Chargers passed on Rex back in 2007 and opted instead for Norv Turner, a career sub .500 coach.


Tough to say at that time really. Some thought that Rex might not be the corporate type and too much of a chip off the old Buddy Ryan block.

Then when Brian Billick was let go, Rex for the most part was just given the obligatory interview. He was never really a serious candidate for the Ravens because if he was, why go through the exhaustive search process that Steve Bisciotti & Company conducted?

And then when Rex wasn’t seriously considered by the team that knew him best despite the massive support of the players, other teams had to wonder why.

Those close to the team knew that the Ravens were concerned about Rex’ maturity and they passed. Ryan’s behavior this weekend in South Florida confirmed the Ravens suspicions.


Will said...


I realize you've now immersed yourself into a war with Nestor and WNST but this blog is really making you look bad.

Are you aware that it looks exactly like you stole Drew Forrester's work (title and all) from a Sunday column he wrote?

You need to let go of this WNST thing because it's starting to bring you down.

You owe Drew a professional apology.

Scott said...

Really, Tony? The guy flipped the bird to rival fans who were booing him and he is immature? I understand that the NFL expects its high-profile employees to behave a certain way, but is this honestly worth the attention?

Rex didn't spit or urinate on the Dolphins fans, he flipped them off (in a jovial manner, mind you). All this does for me is confirm that the stick is lodged way too far up the collective butts of society.

For the record, the antics of Chad Ochocinco, Brandon Marshall, etc., tend to annoy me to a great extent. Rex on the other hand seems like a normal person, in that he says and does what your average person would (if they were to be honest with themselves).

But that's just me and I tend to find laughing more enjoyable than getting my panties in a bunch about the inane.

As much as I like having Harbaugh at the helm of the Ravens, I would not have been opposed to having Rex there.

J-E-T-S! Rex! Rex! Rex!

Tony Lombardi said...

Pure coincidence Will. I don't read Drew's blog unless someone points it out to me just as you have and I'll be sure to check it out.

That said our Mojo Rizon touched on this topic back on January 19th:

There's no war with WNST. If it was 105.7 the Fan or Fox 1370 behaving in a similar manner I'd hit up on them too....

However if you perceive this as "war", others may too so therefore I've hit the pause button for local media related topics out of respect for you guys and because there are other more important things to hone in on.

I'll focus on the Ravens, the upcoming free agency period and the draft.

Thanks for your note and concern.

Nestor said...

This is a cheap rip-off. Of course you read WNST. You can't help yourself. As Stephen King once said (note I gave credit), "if you don't have the time or ability to read, then you don't have the time (or tools) to write".



Anonymous said...

No need to apologize, Tony for your blog. Some things are worth repeating over and over, regardless if they are reported by you, WNST, 1370 or the Sun.

Rex Ryan's boorish behavior, along with his obese stature overshadows his great knowledge and strategy on the football field. In other words, being a great coach is not enough today. I don't blame the Ravens for not hiring him; nor would I hire him if I were an owner. I want a person who is more than qualified as a coach, and a person who has class on and off the field. I want a person who physically takes care of himself and is not the next spokesperson for NutriSystem.

He is riding high with his trip to the AFC Championship game--but he should know that he got there only because the Bengals and the Colts laid down the last 2 weeks of the season. By all accounts, the Houston Texans should have been the sixth seed in the AFC.

Keep up the good work and I am glad someone other than WNST is commenting about Baltimore Sports. Maybe it will improve, one day.

Jerry B said...

I may be mistaken, but wasn't Rex involved in an altercation of sorts a few years ago that resulted in a criminal charge? Great coach......."loose cannon"!