Friday, February 26, 2010

An economical way for the Ravens to upgrade passing attack

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Some wishful thinking as we approach the dawn of free agency in the NFL…

In order to go deeper into the post season it doesn’t take the reincarnation of Bill Walsh to figure out that the Ravens need to upgrade their passing game. However with an uncapped season approaching, the availability of unrestricted free agents is very thin. Over 200 would be UFA's are now restricted.

The Ravens have already scooped up one “street” free agent, Donte Stallworth. He provides speed that the WR corps has been lacking but clearly there needs to be more.

So, nobody asked me but here are a few more steps to take to give Joe Flacco the aerial weaponry he needs without breaking the bank…

1. Re-sign Derrick Mason to a one year deal with an option.

2. Go out and get Antonio Bryant. Bryant, isn't expected to be re-signed by Tampa and is described as a natural athlete with amazing body control. He has soft hands, great leaping ability and at 6’1” he’s a very solid red zone target. All things considered, Bryant should be reasonably priced and could provide value.

3. Draft TE Jermaine Gresham.

4. Draft a WR in the second or third round to develop.

Add it all up and the Ravens will realize a significant boost in the passing game without breaking the bank.

With the money the team saves by not trading for Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin they can go and find a player to get after the quarterback. Something tells me Osi Umenyiora is an obtainable player who Tom Coughlin can’t wait to unload in New York.

I like a player with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.

Bryant, Umenyiora and even Stallworth fit that description.


Jerry B said...

Agree once again, TL. Of course the draft is a "crap shoot" at best, but the veterans you describe would provide an instant upgrade!