Thursday, February 25, 2010

Derrick Martin, one that got away...

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I was always a Derrick Martin fan when he played here in B’more. Apparently the folks who play at Lambeau Field agree.

Martin, who was traded to the Packers by the Ravens before the regular season started in 2009 in exchange for soon-to-be ex-Raven T Tony Moll, just received a two year contract extension from Green Bay. Although he performed poorly against Brett Favre and the Vikings in his only start at safety, insiders believe that Martin will be more productive going forward now that he has a year of Dom Capers’ system under his belt. Plus he has been a special teams standout.

Whenever he was given an opportunity as a Raven, Martin performed and his nose for the football just might play out well for the Packers. His trade is one move that Ozzie Newsome more than likely will one day regret if he doesn't already.

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Jerry B said...

Always hate to lose a quality player to another team, but the Ravens have rarely lost players who performed as well elsewhere. Martin, Scott and Leonhard appear to be recent exceptions. Hey, you can't win 'em all.......

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Martin when he pissed down his leg in that Monday Night Game versus the Steelers. He and Pittman were totally shell-shocked. Then he goes to Cleveland and gets busted at the Airport with pot in his suitcase.

We should have cut him after that, IMO.

He's a coach-killer....Just good enough to play and get you beat.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

The most likely players that might have been cut if Derrick Martin had made the team (given their bubble status at the end of the exhibition season) were Antwan Barnes, Jalen Parmele, or Frank Walker. I'll take Barnes' and Parmele's production last year as well as their long-term potential over Martin's easily. Though Martin easily has more potential than Walker, Frank filled a critical and productive role at the end of last season with all the CB injuries. The Ravens definitely made the right move given these circumstances, even in hindsight. Ozzie and Harbaugh have no reason to have even one second of regret over that move.