Friday, February 12, 2010

The Baltimore Ravens: A Season in Review

On Monday I will begin a series of blog entries sharing the theme, “A Season in Review.” The series will unfold as follows:

Part I: 2009 Studs & Duds

Part II: The Best & Worst Plays of 2009

Part III: The Best & Worst Games of 2009 (team)

Part IV: The Best & Worst Games of 2009 (individual)

Part V: The Best & Worst Offseason Moves

Your thoughts and opinions as always are welcomed!


Jerry B said...

Always quick to add my "2 cents worth", before you even begin, the three or four biggest offseason mistakes had to be, in no particular order, failure to bring back Lorenzo Neal and Matt Stover; failure to upgrade the receiving corps; handing the reins of a talented, veteran defense to a novice college coach with exactly one year NFL experience; and............L.J. Smith! Looking forward to your assessment.....