Sunday, January 03, 2010

Time for a knockout!

Today’s game against the Raiders is a bit like a heavyweight match between a contender and a tough but unsuccessful opponent. The opponent has a knockout punch yet he’s sloppy, drops his guard and when his will is taken away, he folds.

But if you give him some hope and let him hang around, that dangerous hook could catch the contender off guard.

That in essence describes the Ravens visit to Oakland.

The Ravens are playoff contenders yet to earn the right for the big prize fight, they have to get past a dangerous opponent with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. The Raiders are playing for pride and perhaps in some cases their professional futures.

It is key for the Ravens to take away the Raiders’ collective will early. And they need to do that with body blows – shots to the midsection. And in the NFL those shots are delivered by the running game.

The Ravens are fueled by running back Ray Rice and the Raiders seemingly look like a handpicked slacky for this heavyweight bout given that they field the league’s 29th ranked defense against the run. Pound the body and the head will follow. The Raiders will drop their guard, start to think about the offseason and then practically beg for the knockout.

Get too cute, make a mistake, and the Ravens could feel that big overhand right from the Raiders and if they gain some confidence, this one will go the distance and they will slug it out to the final gun.

Let’s hope that John Harbaugh’s dad delivers another boxing metaphor to his son and the team as he did with last year’s Mohammed Ali influenced, “What’s Our Name?”

It’s time to take care of business.

It’s time to clean up the mistakes.

It’s time to put away an opponent just waiting to turn the lights out on the 2009 season.


Jerry B said...

The best thing about this win today is that it did, in fact, deliver a "knockout" punch to the......Steelers! Other than that, anybody who believes that this team is an honest to goodness Super Bowl contender is.....delusional!

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 4th
...I tend to agree with JERRY B, however, if you watched Monday Morning QB...Bruce Laird said it over and over again. Its a .500 league in the NFL. And that is what 280 Madison Avenue wants!...Hey.. 2 years in a row in the playoffs, sure beats the alternative. 20 other teams will be with you and me, watching from HOME. GO Ravens..look at how far the 2008 Arizona Cardinals got, with a 9-7 Record... we can only hope!