Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reputation influences officiating

Reputation and penalties go hand-in-hand in the NFL.

Got a good rep or if you happen to be one of the league’s poster children…you get the calls.

Got a bad rep or if you aren’t a card carrying member the league’s A-list you get an icy shoulder from the men in stripes.

Terrell Suggs does his best Neo (“Matrix”) impersonation to avoid hitting Tom Brady’s knee yet fails ever so slightly and he gets flagged for 15 yards and a new set of downs. But if you are Joe Flacco, get a helmet to helmet hit after a throw, no laundry and then stand up and be grateful that there wasn’t an intentional grounding call.

If you are Darrelle Revis, feel free to use a receiver’s chest as a speed bag all the way down field but if you are Frank Walker, you can get trucked by a receiver and then flagged for illegal contact after you get up off the ground with a cleat mark in your forehead.

Poor Frank Walker!

Is he a sitting duck this weekend or what?

Don’t count me among those who think Walker is all that bad. He’s in most plays and you have to admit that he clearly carries a reputation – a bad one and it works against him. It makes being Frank Walker very unsavory in the NFL.

Need a big play?

Throw it Walker’s way!

Why not?

If your receiver doesn’t make a nice play on the ball the side judge will give you a nice break on the call. When Tom Brady comes up to the line of scrimmage on Sunday, what is the first thing he’ll be looking for?

No. 41 of course!

And this leads me to believe that the Ravens need to make a change with Walker...

No they don’t need to cut him or replace him as the nickel or dime. They need to change his number and maybe even his name. Give him a new number and tell him to legally change his last name to Bailey or Sanders or Asomugha. That should give Brady something to think about. It might slow him down for just a bit, right? Even if he figures it out after a couple of series, it might be worth the ruse.

After he and Bilicheater figure it out their panties will be all bunched up in a wad and they’ll go after Frank the Prank immediately and then the Ravens’ big cheater, Ed Reed can slither his way on over towards Walker, aka Bailey, Sanders or Asomugha and make a game changing pick.

It’s time the Ravens use Walker’s bad rep to their advantage.

It’s time for a little counter intelligence.

It just might completely screw up Coach Hoodie’s game plan.

What do they have to lose?


Jerry B said...

Funny, TL, and not a bad idea! The Ravens' reputation for drawing flags, combined with the "Zebras'" propensity to protect Brady makes for double trouble on Sunday. One way to overcome the problem would be for our offense to take control of this game by putting points on the board early, something they haven't done since early in the season. A better way, howver, would be to play aggressively, but "smart" by avoiding blatant, dumb penalties, something this team has also had trouble controlling. Either way, your humble "negative" correspondent thinks the Ravens will win this game. In fact, I'm betting on it.....

Scott said...

I hate to be the pessimist, but I sincerely doubt that we will win this game for the exact reasons that you pointed out. While we have played some undisciplined football this year, the Ravens clearly have a reputation that is reflected in the calls against them. I am fairly certain that you can look back at any game this season and pick out at least one or two calls against the Ravens that significantly impacted the game, and were just blatantly bad calls. Just as often were the no-calls that screwed us on more than one occasion (apparently it is fine to hold OUR receivers arms to their sides before they get a chance to catch the ball... and holding, which has to be the most subjective call in the game today, never seems to occur when the Ravens defense is rushing the quaterback).

It is almost garaunteed at this point that there will be a call against the Ravens that is questionable at best and that will change the course of the game in New England's favor. That is what watching Ravens football on Sundays has become.

It's all rather depressing, especially because as much as I would like to stop watching the games to stick it to the NFL, I know I won't. Neither will anyone else.

Go Ravens.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Jan 7th
Jerry B & Scott made my point for me. I still say .Send FRANK WALKER After Brady early and often and lay as many GOOD HITS on this PINK WHIMP from NEW ENGLAND as he can... The REFS have proven...that they won't call it on every play..
GO BAMA tonite