Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ray Lewis SHOULD just shut up!

Fans and many media members have complained about Ray Lewis ducking the press after a loss yet he makes himself very available after a win. They will often wonder aloud, “What kind of leader is that?”


Count me among those who would like to hear Ray’s thoughts after a loss but if he ducks out, really what’s the big deal? Do you really think for a minute that Ray not addressing reporters after a tough loss affects his ability to lead? That assumes that the players actually care if Ray talks to the media after the Ravens take one on the chin.

They don’t!

What would he say anyway?

I think Ray talking after a loss could go one of two ways…

First he could adopt John Harbaugh’s coach speak and use a lot of words that amount to absolutely nothing meaningful.

Or, he could spout off, throw teammates under the bus and really stir up the locker room. And what might that accomplish? Fox Sports 1370’s Jerry Coleman might like it but wouldn’t lashing out be counterproductive? Wouldn’t Ray’s leadership then be questioned?

Coleman will tell you that Ray owes it to the fans and to the season ticket holders to speak after a loss. No he doesn’t.

Ray owes the fans and more importantly his teammates 100% effort on Sunday when he’s between the lines and during the week while he’s in the classroom and on the practice field.

You’ve probably been offered these words of wisdom before: “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.”

Most would agree that these are noble words to live by.

Yet when Ray Lewis practices it, he is criticized.

Anyone ever think that by saying nothing after a loss Ray is leading?


Dawn Wooldridge said...

I totally agree with you Tony and I (as well as millions of other parents) teach my children that same principle.."If you don't have something nice to day, then don't say anything". Besides, let's face it, no matter what Ray or anyone else says, the fans have their own ideas of what happened on the field and not much is going to change those ideas.

I do feel that Harbaugh should comment and maybe enlighten us as to what he thinks happened, one thing I couldn't stand when Billick was there, was how he always protected his guys. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want him to throw anyone under the bus, but take responsibility for the team, don't say..."We played well, we did our best and I'm proud of the team." We all know they can play much better, we've witnessed it. :)

Jerry B said...

Good advice, TL...couldn't agree more! He owes the Ravens and fans 100% effort on game day and has actually consistently delivered "110%"! Leave the post mortems, etc. to management........