Friday, January 29, 2010

Ravens' future appears secure

No news is good news when it comes to Ravens’ Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta. Sure he’s been busy scouting, attending Senior Bowl workouts, answering Aaron Wilson’s questions, yada, yada.

But as for news, there’s none and that is a good thing!

You may recall that just a couple of weeks ago there was some doubt about his future in Baltimore. Transitional organizations like Seattle, Buffalo and Washington could all improve markedly by adding DeCosta.

However, since the buzz about his possible departure to Seattle, the rumors regarding DeCosta have subsided. Maybe Steve Bisciotti had an epiphany of sorts and read this blog.


All kidding aside, the guess here is that Bisciotti got out the checkbook and then called upon Dick Cass & Co. to give DeCosta the assurances he needs and deserves to sit back and wait for the inevitable passing of the Ozzie Newsome torch.

Consequently Ravens fans can sleep better at night.


Anonymous said...

We know you love the guy but geesh, give it a rest. Can't you find something more intelligent to write about rather than your constant fawning over DeCosta? No one cares.

Tony Lombardi said...


No one cares?

I bet I could find a few that do.

If no one else responds by say Monday, I'll take down the DeCosta Fathead I have up in my bedroom provided I get my wife's permission.

Jerry B said...

I care, TL! I've witnessed enough inept organizations (Orioles?)to appreciate a really well run one like the Ravens. Promoting from within an organization is usually a good way to maintain continuity and I think it's safe to say that DeCosta is well regarded here. When the time comes for Ozzie to step down, they could do a lot worse than pass the torch to someone who has grown up in the organization and learned from one of the best in the business. Yeah, TL, I!

Joe in Timonium said...

"DeCosta Fathead"! LOL!

TL might be a little over the top with his praise of DeCosta but really who can blame him? The guy (DeCosta) has worked his way up from a go-fer to one step away from GM. Pretty impressive if you ask me for someone who is what, not even 40!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Any knowledgeable Ravens fan cares about the front office and who leads this organization. It starts with "The tone from the top."

In the past 5 years, the Ravens have lost the core of their executives to Cleveland. Losing Phil Savage and George Kokinis was huge; but the Ravens couldn't stop it, because there can only be one successor to Ozzie Newsome. And please don't judge them for what happened in Cleveland. That organization was doomed from the beginning thaanks to their stupid owner Randy Lerner. Unfortunately, the desire to become a GM overcame their patience to wait it out here in Baltimore. Maybe they knew then, that Eric DeCosta was the heir apparant to Ozzie Newsome.

Lets hope that Eric DeCosta has the patience to wait. Personally, I think Eric DeCosta is the crown jewel of the (3) interns that grew up under the Bill Belichick/Ozzie Newsome school of scouting and recruiting collega and pro players. The last few drafts have produced Michael Oher, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.

The reason why the Colts, the Patriots and the Eagles have consistenly playoff contending teams is due to the teams ability to draft well and replenish their rosters. They let go aging productive players still at the top of their game, for draft picks nobody has ever heard of. That cannot happen if you don't have a top notch GM. Eric Decosta can get a job as a GM now, but lets hope a deal has been struck to keep him here permanantly as our GM in waiting much like the Colts with Chris Polian replacing his father, Bill Polian.

Richer Eisen said...

I'm starting to think that this one Anonymous clown who bust balls on TL and DeCosta all the time must have been dumped at some point in his obviously pathetic life by either TL's wife, DeCosta's wife or both.

Of course we care. Solid organizational leadership makes for long term success. The Colts, Patriots, Eagles and dare I say Steelers are all proof of that.

Be a man Anon and admit you are wrong and stop feeling so jilted dude!

Anonymous said...

Richer Eisen - Anti-DeCosta anon here. This is my first post (really) to this thread. The earlier Anon is finally someone else who perhaps sees the light. If you actually read my posts, I try to back up my opinions, and they are just OPINIONS. We all want the same thing here, a first class, winning football team. Why do I post on the topic? For some reason, it just bugs me that Tony criticizes every other media member in town thru his Mojo Rizon alter ego, has criticized every member of the Ravens organization at some point (often justifiably) and yet is indeed fawning (great word, anon1) over DeCosta no matter what happens to this guy's draft picks. The last straw for me was when TL blamed Billick for several of DeCosta's worst picks and made up crap like guys like David Pittman didn't succeed becuse they were "wimps" and were not Eric's fault. Nope - not Eric's fault for inadequately assessing that player's toughness.

Here's the thing - Praise DeCosta where it's deserved, but this isn't Bruce Cunningham's media blog. TL is highly critical in almost every other aspect of sports in this town, yet has never uttered a single negative statement about DeCosta amidst many rants on Ozzie, Savage (whose draft record is light years better than DeCosta's), Biscotti, Billick, Rex Ryan, you name it on the Ravens over the years. Can't anyone else see through this?? Maybe just anon1.

Tony Lombardi said...

C'mon Anon2!

I have to say that I do respect your opinion because even if I don't disagree with it, it is almost always well stated and articulated.

That said, let me set a few things straight...

First, please find where I blamed Brian Billick for "several" of DeCosta's "worst picks." I blamed Billick's influence on the organizational reach for Boller (a Savage pick by the way on your scoreboard) and I blamed Billick for the reach on Adam Terry. I can't divulge how I know this to be true but to borrow from Brian, take a "leap of faith" with me on that.

Secondly, I agree this isn't Bruce Cunningham's blog. A Cunningham blog would probably not be about sports although I have invited him to blog on 24x7. Those crickets you hear are the sounds of his response.

Finally, Mojo Rizon is the alter ego of our entire staff. When they want to vent under an alias Mojo is their man. Some might say that is a cop out and maybe it is. But no more than the Flip Side was for The Sun. We are just trying to have fun with it in a Letterman v. Leno kind of way.

But I hear the criticisms and it's cool. I'm glad to see you are paying attention though, even if some of the details are discarded.

Thanks for the note.

The Professor said...

Hey TL this is a bit confusing: "I have to say that I do respect your opinion because even if I don't disagree with it". I assume you meant even if you don't AGREE with it.

Anyway, it looks like some do care and Anon1 was wrong.

As for the Mojo Rizon blogs, they are a bit of a cop out but they are funny at times. So I say keep bringing them.

Fawning down said...

I'm actually Anon 1. I made up the post because I wanted to bait Anon 2 into thinking he had an ally. The funniest part is that he compliments my use of "fawning". I thought to myself, if i were Anon 2, what smug comment would he use to poke at you. "Fawning" just seemed like him. It's amazing how everyone thought I was that little wimp just by being a little critical and throwing some pithy comments out there. I knew he just couldn't help himself.

Look, I've got no problems with your friendship with DeCosta or the fact that you are a fan. I know you are able to get some unique information that others in the media can't and I, too, admire what the Ravens have been able to do year after year. Anon 2 is so hyper-critical of the drafting and such but the proof is there that the Ravens are one of the better teams in the league. Since Anon2's mancrush, Savage left, the Ravens have been to the playoffs three times and only have one player who played on the Super Bowl team. No one, in their right mind, can say that the 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 draft classes are not standout groups.

Finally, though, at least the boob semi-admitted he had less of a problem with DeCosta than you, for your lack of objectivity. I guess I see the complaint but it's interesting nevertheless. Doesn't the person who posts using his name (i.e. Tony) and putting his opinions out there transparently garner more credibility as an objective poster than someone who hides behind the veil of anonymity? Objectivity and transparency are often analogous. It's hard to be truly objective when you won't even sign your own name. So in that sense, Anon2 is guilty of the same crimes of which he accuses you.

Anonymous said...

Anon2 here again. Tony - I'll always pay attention to your website. Other than this one issue, I've been a loyal reader for many years and even agree with you in other blog comments (sometimes). You need guys like me...glad you appreciate it and can take it (almost) as well as you dish it out. As for alleged phony anon1, call me skeptical, but if you indeed did bait me, I salute you. Don't know why you went to the trouble, though. It will never take much to get me to comment on this topic.