Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ravens don't have what it takes to beat Colts

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you buy Einstein’s definition then the Ravens are absolutely insane!


Every time they play the Indianapolis Colts it’s the same result. Well at least it’s been the same for the past 8 times these two teams have taken the field together.

And as fans, we are equally insane to think that anything will change when the Ravens battle Peyton Manning and the Colts’ vastly underrated defense unless the Ravens themselves change.

Here’s a stat that should alarm you and if it doesn’t maybe you haven’t sobered up yet…

The Ravens haven’t scored a meaningful touchdown against the Colts since 2002.

Let me repeat that…

The Ravens haven’t scored a meaningful touchdown against the Colts since 2002.

The game that season marks the beginning of the Colts’ current 8 game winning streak against the Ravens. In that game, Jamal Lewis rushed for two touchdowns the second of which occurred late in the fourth quarter to stake the Ravens to a 20-19 lead. They would eventually fall to the Colts by the score of 22-20.

Since then the Ravens have scored only five touchdowns during the succeeding seven games – none of which impacted the outcome of any contest in a meaningful way.

* In 2004, the Ravens lost to the Colts by the score of 20-10, the last seven points courtesy of a Kyle Boller to Todd Heap TD pass (and PAT) with 2:38 left in the game.

* During the following season, the Ravens opened up at home against the Colts, a Sunday night contest that the Ravens dropped 24-7. You may recall that Boller was injured in that game to the delight of some very wacked out, clinically depressed fans who cheered the injury. The Ravens did not score until the 0:47 mark of the fourth quarter when Anthony Wright hit Daniel Wilcox with a 17 yard strike.

* Fast forward to the first season with Steve McNair when the Ravens (13-3) hosted the Colts in a Divisional Playoff Game on Saturday, January 13, 2007. McNair & Co. could only register two field goals and lost 15-6.

* In 2007, a season that cost Brian Billick his job, the (4-8) Ravens while in the grips of a 6 game slide hosted the Colts again on a Sunday night, less than a week removed from an impressive but unsuccessful battle against the undefeated New England Patriots. The Colts trounced the Ravens and at one point held a 30-0 lead in the second quarter before Yamon Figurs’ 94 yard kickoff return for a score. Later in the game, the Colts led by 44-7 before the Ravens would tack on two late scores courtesy of the charitable Colts.

* In 2008 the Ravens visited Lucas Oil Stadium for the first time and left as 31-3 losers.

* And then of course there was this season, when the Ravens dropped a 17-15 game at home and then last night’s 20-3 drubbing in Indianapolis. Eight quarters against the Colts during the ’09 season produced 6 field goals.

Clearly the Colts are a match up nightmare for Harbaugh’s boys.

Thankfully the Ravens have a full season to improve because they are not scheduled to play the Colts in 2010, unless of course they meet up again in the post season.


You thinking what I’m thinking?

In the end, it’s hard not to wonder what a difference a week can make. Last week we feasted on the nectar of a fruitful victory. We bathed in the glow of a dominant victory over the mighty New England Patriots. Afterwards we were like children on Christmas morning surrounded by new toys.

Last night we were slapped in the face with the sobering reality that our new toys came without batteries.

Let’s hope Ozzie & Company can recruit the Energizer Bunny this offseason.

Until then, let’s all adopt the Jimmy Buffett mantra and go crazy before we all go insane.


Jerry B said...

Great "Blog", TL! You and I could coach this team! LOL! Refer to my answer to your previous "Blog" about Polian, etc. The Ravens played 18 games this year and in their 8 losses, they beat themselves by repeatedly committing the same (insane!) mistakes! When that happens, the coaching staff must take responsibility. As Harbaugh has noted, he has to get better! But, so does his staff! As the season progressed, the QB and offense seriously "regressed"! Granted, Flacco didn't have much help from a frequent "invisble" receiving corps, but the continuous inexplicable "burning" of timeouts, lack of a sense of urgency and pure "vanilla" play calling didn't help either! And the defense NEVER mounted much pressure all season long, preferring to rush 3 or 4 and drop the rest into coverage. It's axiomatic that, given time, any decent QB will wait for a receiver to work open and deliver a strike! Interesting to note that when pressured, which wasn't often enough, Manning literally "folded" like an accordian! Following last weeks loss to the Ravens, Bill Belichick not only took responsibility, but fired his defensive coordinator! Harbaugh needs to take a hard look at his assistants and make necessary changes to improve the team. That being said, this team also needs some "skilled" talent to get to the next level.....

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 BLACK SUNDAY Jan 17th
.. I hope you are watching a REAL TEAM .. The Vikings destroy Americas Team. ERIC and OZZIE.. I hope you Read this BLOG. The next Sydney Rice is out there. Please find him for the Ravens for 2010!!! Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
What with all of the RAVENS HISTORY, that Tony described here, wouldn't you think that the RAVENS Organization would have taken note of this and made SOME changes in the game plan. I fear that our current coaching staff, still has the GHOST of BILLICK, when it comes to IN GAME STRATEGY. If they made any changes last night, they were not the ones that were necessary to defeat the COLTS. It was a sad sad display that our beloved RAVENS put on at INDY last nite. Here is hoping that Roster moves are made that will enable us to not only compete (SEE N.E. Last week) with the big teams, but enable the Ravens to BEAT them!~

RichardLG said...

If we take off the purple-colored glasses for a moment, we will find that the Revens are farther away from competing with the best teams than most fans care to admit. There is not one Raven receiver who would have caught the any of the 3 TD passes Sid Rice caught. Flacco is going to the OK Corral with just a knife. The D-line applies minimal middle pressure on the QB. The O-line is on their heels against a top front4 and has trouble picking up blitzes. Even if Mason comes back, the team needs at least 2 new NFL caliber receivers and, thus far, the wizard has not shown an ability to find ONE! Many changes are required - is 1 draft and free agency period enough? I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

Harry - what you saw in Indy is a byproduct of too many wasted drafted choices over the last five years. The team just does not have the depth it needs right now to recover from key injuries. The Ravens were actually healthier than the average team, but playing with walking wounded on the OL, secondary, and WR corps with no real NFL-caliber backups was too much to ask. I think the coaching staff were miracle workers in getting every ounce of performance they could out of the secondary and OL the last few weeks. It's DeCosta (especially), Ozzie, and the scouting staff who need to look in the mirror about how they let this team down without supplying quality depth.

Sean from Indian Head said...

Great post. I really thought the Ravens were going to win, so I was shocked by the results. I shouldn't have been and I will not be fooled next time. I started having my doubts on the very first Ravens drive. First, a penalty on the kick-off return cost the Ravens field position. How many times did we see that this year? Then, on a midfield swing pass to Rice, one of the Colts undersized linebackers knocked Ben Grubbs on his rear end and tackled Rice for a loss. So much for the Ravens imposing offensive line. But the real killer was McClain dropping that wide open second down pass near the goal line. Even if he doesn't get in, he is close enough that the Ravens can try and punch it with their goal line run package. Instead of being up 7-3, we settle for a field goal. That is the moment when I knew, deep down, that the Ravens were going to lose the game. I am tired of watching our offense sputter to the Colts. Once again, a fairly decent defensive effort against Peyton Manning is wasted. Next time that the Ravens play the Colts, I won't be predicting victory. I will just be hoping that the Ravens can score a touchdown.

Jerry B said...

Addendum: Read Mike Ditka's scathing criticism of Cam Cameron's game plan for the Colts. Couldn't agree more.....

Anonymous said...

Can you please send this to Ozzie, Bisciotti, DeCosta, Harbaugh, an intern...anyone who will listen and forward to the appropriate people?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1--
DeCosta must have banged your wife or something. You got a serious grinding axe.

Keeping The Faith, Rising Sun, MD said...

Not sure who the "anonymous" dude is who constantly beats up on DeCosta. What did you marry his hand me down girlfriend and now it's his fault?

Back on topic, don't know if anyone else picked it up but on NFL Network they have this feature called Sound FX. During the Ravens/Colts game towards the end you can hear Harbaugh say to Ray Rice things like, "we weren't good enough today", "we aren't good enough yet", "we're going to make Joe better, you better", things of that nature.

If anyone disagrees with the opinion stated in this blog, maybe they should just listen to the words of the people closest to the sitution.