Sunday, January 31, 2010

Count me in as a Pro Bowl fan

I am one of the few fans who actually enjoy the Pro Bowl. Really!

I get that the game is played at half speed and the rules have been changed to protect against injury. I also get that it’s laughable that the AFC has stooped to the levels of David Garrard to find a replacement quarterback for all others who have bailed out of the game due to injuries – real ones and those conjured up. I also get that the game isn’t much removed from the un-reality series known as the WWE.

But I don’t watch the game expecting the best against the best to give it their best. I look for the subtle messages that arise from what is really a venue for players to get together and have a party or in the case of Honolulu, a vacation.

I enjoy watching regular season combatants getting along. I look to see if a Raven playing alongside a Steeler actually get on or do they simply co-exist. I like the little recruiting wars that unfold for prospective free agents.

But this particular Pro Bowl has a slightly different twist because it is played before the Super Bowl.

I’m not sure if I’m diggin’ that.

You see in the past one of the game’s attractions for me was to see the Pro Bowlers who were also Super Bowl winners gloat. I really liked that back in 2001.

The Pro Bowl was also the last time in any given season we would see athletes in the NFL convene on the gridiron. It was that kiss goodbye on the morning after – the last chance to say, “until next season…”

Fortunately for NFL junkies like myself, the league does a great job of making itself relevant for no less than 11 months out of the season thanks to free agency, pre-draft, draft, post-draft, OTA’s, training camp and preseason. And this year it seems a near certainty that they will add a special curve ball – an uncapped season.
Until then, my eyes will be set on South Florida with hopes that Ray Rice lights it up today.

Anyone with me?

Anyone else hear those crickets?


Harryos29 said...

HARRY OS 29 Jan 31s 2010
... I will watch the Pro Bowl and root for Ravens players who have been selected to play in the game.
GO Ray Rice..
..p.s. I just voted on your POLL about Brandon Marshall.. if the Ravens can Sign him without mortgaging the future: and If he gives FLACCO a big Target and catches the ball like Derrick Mason, then ... I'm all in favor of trying him for one year. WHO KNOWS..he may lead us past the Steelers and the Colts?

Jerry B said...

If the league continues to go to extremes to protect players from injury and promote the passing game, the Pro Bowl could be a precurser to what regular season games may look like in the future!