Monday, December 28, 2009

Ravens @ Steelers: The good, bad, ugly & The Megan Fox

THE GOOD: Ray Rice has 1,952 yards from scrimmage this season and he’ll break the 2,000 yard plateau in Oakland…Joe Flacco wasn’t great but with a little help from his friends (Derrick Mason & Oniel Cousins) he could have been…When he wasn’t busy making a boneheaded play Haloti Ngata was a terror between the tackles. His sidekick Kelly Gregg also continued his late season surge…Michael Oher was very solid limiting James Harrison in the passing game and dominating him to pave the way for Ray Rice…The secondary as a unit was solid.

THE BAD: The $63 million man isn’t heard from until he makes a costly mistake – Terrell Suggs please report to the principal’s office…Domonique Foxworth’s tackling is an issue and if the Ravens face the Patriots in the playoffs just call him Mr. Bubble because Tom Brady will exploit his inept tackling with bubble screen after bubble screen…John Harbaugh’s use of timeouts has become laughable. You have to use that timeout inside of 2 minutes in the first half with the Steelers facing a third and long from their own 3. Not only do you kill the clock but you reset the defense to help force the punt. Instead they lose time, momentum and their heads as they jumped offsides giving Ben Roethlisberger a freebie…Greg Mattison’s decision to run a corner blitz at the end of the first half was exceedingly risky and ill-advised and it resulted in a Santonio Holmes TD reception. If Foxworth can’t tackle wide receivers, why would anyone think he could quickly rush Roethlisberger and take him down? The play lacked timing and was poorly designed…Joe Flacco has to improve in the game’s finer nuances like when to get rid of the ball on fourth down and when to use a free play (when the opponent jumps offsides) to his advantage. Maybe Cam Cameron should sit his star pupil down and force him to watch old John Elway highlights...Derrick Mason's drop -- maybe that will quiet his emotion the next time he whines about not getting a chance to make a play.

THE UGLY: Eleven penalties for 113 yards and the Ravens claim the lead as the most penalized team in the league…Maybe the Ravens should put together a new club called Ngata’s Knuckleheads. Of course the namesake gets Grand Poobah honors for his regular unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and he’ll be joined by future charter members Frank Walker, Suggs and Oniel Cousins…Speaking of Cousins maybe the trainers should have kicked him in that bad leg that sidelined him temporarily instead of helping him. I’m surprised LaMarr Woodley wasn’t doing back flips when he saw No. 64 back out on the field. Not only did Woodley and his merry band of pass rushers regularly whip Cousins, they baited him into losing his mind and costing the team 15 yards and a field goal attempt after he was hit up with a senseless personal foul…The officiating in the NFL is growing increasingly more embarrassing and the league seems to resemble the WWE more and more each week. Maybe Vince McMahon should take over for Roger Goodell.

THE MEGAN FOX AWARD: I have been critical of this player and for all intents and purposes wrote him off as a has-been. I was wrong. Not only was he outstanding supporting the running game and helping Ray Rice abuse James Harrison, but this week’s MF Award winner clearly made the most of limited opportunities (please explain that Cam) in the passing game scoring on both passes thrown his way. Todd Heap, this MFA is for you!


Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Dec 28, 2009 Monday
.. Having had 24 hours to get back to NORMAL Breathing: after watching the Ravens Combination of stupidity and NFL REFS over Zealousness... not letting a Second Go by without Throwing more Laundry on the field than my wife has done in 10 years, I'm ready to comment on this column.
PS. its now 11:42 pm and I just saw BRET FARVE heave TD #493 of his storied Career, and send DA BEARS and Vikings into O/T tied at 30-30, I just Hope that OZZIE is watching and can Acquire a Receiver for JOE FLACCO, the Caliber of Simeon Rice for the 2010 Season.
...Its about Time that CAM discovered that he has an ALL PRO TIGHT END in TODD HEAP, when HEALTHY. Todd was outstanding sunday. To throw to any other (short) Ravens Receiver in the RED ZONE next Sunday in OAKLAND would be insane.
The group that you described as NAGATA's Knucklehead needs to wake up and think about the TEAM first, over personal Satisfaction of smacking around the bad guys on the other team.
...We can criticize coach Harbaugh all day long; Face facts; John is the coach for the foreseeable future and we need to live with that. We need to make a Deal with some unsuspecting team and offer them a package deal of: Walker; Suggs and Walker for some Draft choices. Suggs hs said in the past that he wants to return to the desert and if I were Ozzie I'd oblige him. Oh.. and I just heard that Troy Smith has requested a trade. Why not trade him on Dec 29th?
... A long time ago, I read a book written by Jerry Kramer who documented an incident where, Jim Ringo the Packers all pro center requested a contract upgrade. Vince told Ringo and his agent to excuse him; when he returned minutes later he told RINGO that .. you are negotiating with the wrong team: You have been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. I know that life and contracts in the NFL are much much more complicated than that today, but some swift action by Ravens management may wake up some of these over paid pre-madonnas.
.. I love the MEGAN FOX award for TODD HEAP; When healthy, Todd is as good a Tight end as there is in the league.
Singing off before the bears blow this game on MNF.

Harryos29 said...

Early dec 29th 12:05 PM
a new MEGAN FOX. Jay Cutler just beat Bret Farve at his own game with a TD pass in overtime, after an Adrian McPherson fumble. Cutler reminded me of UNITAS; He went for the Jugular right away and got the winning points: 36-30 over the VIKE. "LIKE"

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 ...Dec 29th
Can we start a new TRADE TROY SMITH BLOG?
I know when I worked in the corporate world...and this happens every day. once you tell them you are leaving...they Escort you out of the Building.

ravcolt said...

Why are the Ravens killing Ray Rice? He will have nothing in the tank if we make the playoffs, and is enroute to injury. We have two other backs who are more than capable of playing in the NFL. Rice should be relegated to third down duty only in Oakland.