Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ravens @ Packers: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

THE GOOD: Kelley Washington’s ability to make plays. Why he isn’t in the mix more given the team’s lack of playmaking at the WR position should be studied on Unsolved Mysteries…Haloti Ngata, Kelly Gregg and Dwan Edwards run defense…Cary Williams punt coverage…Lardarius Webb’s continued development and his explosiveness on kick returns.

THE BAD: The pass rush is weak, predictable, vanilla and mostly ineffective. The Ravens were able to muster 1 sack and 2 quarterback hurries against a team that had surrendered 44 sacks in 11 games despite Aaron Rodgers dropping back to throw 41 times (including the Trevor Pryce sack)…The kick coverage was substandard and trying the pooch kick on consecutive kickoffs wreaked of desperation…Domonique Foxworth’s downward spiraling season continued in full force. He can’t cover and he can’t tackle…Dawan Landry was extremely slow to react to a pass thrown in front of him to TE Jermichael Finley that set the Packers up with a first and goal on the 2 and ultimately a 10-0 lead…Matt Katula snaps on field goals continued a season long slump from a guy who previous to 2009 had been money…Ben Grubbs, Jared Gaither and Michael Oher all struggled in pass protection. They get Oscars for their performances as bull fighters…The coaching staff needs to be held accountable for the team’s overall lack of discipline and attention to detail. Their sluggishness in and out of the huddle offensively prevents them from making pre-snap reads and adjustments. They only need to look at how the Packers manage their dummy snap counts where they can read the blitz and organize the pass protection accordingly.

THE UGLY: Joe Flacco was horrific and his digression is shocking. He made poor decisions, poor throws and his nonchalant approach is negatively impacting the offense’s tempo. He predetermines where he is going with the football and his slow approach to the line doesn’t allow enough time to adjust. All three interceptions were very rookie-like and his swing pass to Ray Rice in the right flat for a loss of 7 was ridiculous…Ray Rice’s fumble on the Ravens’ opening drive on first down at the Packers’ 17 yard line…Derrick Mason’s offensive pass interference followed by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty early in the fourth quarter after the Ravens had rallied to close to 17-14. Sam Koch was ultimately forced to punt from the end zone and that lead to excellent field position for the Packers. They subsequently drove the ball 49 yards in 4 plays to extend their lead to 24-14….Mason and Todd Heap both dropped passes for significant gains, the last of which should have been a touchdown…Screen passes have digressed significantly as teams key on Ray Rice…First down performance was abysmal. Of their 25 first down plays 13 went for no gain, negative yardage or an interception. That places an unnecessary burden on the passer and the pass protection on second and third down…The Ravens managed only 185 net yards of offense v. 135 yard of penalties to go with 4 turnovers and a near 11 minute deficit in time of possession – not exactly a recipe for success…The Ravens are 0-7 v. the NFC North on the road… The Ravens dropped to 5-8 all time on Monday Night Football, including a 2-6 record road record.

THE MEGAN FOX: You know things didn’t go the way of the Ravens when the MF Award Winner is punter Sam Koch. Despite the frigid conditions Koch posted an average net of 45.4 yards on five punts plus he was superb catching and placing some errant snaps from long snapper Katula.


Scott said...

I'm surprised there is no mention of Demetrius Williams. The guy has been on the sidelines the entire season and when he finally got to play he beat the defender twice and forced two PI calls in the end zone. Sure, he didn't catch the ball either time, but that is a bit difficult to do with a corner holding your arms to your side.

I know most people are sour on him for his past injuries, but I'd like to see him out on the field more often in place of Clayton if Flacco is going to go deep.

After all, it couldn't hurt.

Jerry B said...

Here are a few thoughts to ponder: we didn't bring back Lorenzo Neal who was an inegral part of the success of the "three-headed monster" last year for "cap" reasons, but.....we signed Foxworth to a lucrative contract as well as L.J. Smith and Chris Carr none of whom have helped and all of whom are wasting roster space; we turned the defense over to a former college coach with exactly one year NFL experience; we refuse to recognize that both Kelly Washington and Demetrious Williams are better than Mark Clayton, who can't get separation and can't catch when he does; and, we continue to commit the same inane penalties each week. Just a few observations that signal responsibility....and problems at both the management and coaching levels.....