Friday, December 18, 2009

Ravens do NOT control their playoff destiny...YET!

The Colts win over the Jaguars dropped Jacksonville to 7-7 on the season and ½ game behind the Baltimore Ravens. Heading into the contest the Ravens held the No. 7 seed in the AFC and as we are all very aware, only six teams go to the post season dance.

Many believe that the Jaguars’ loss gives the Ravens control of their own destiny.

That is NOT the case, not yet.

You see the Ravens need to be concerned about the Dolphins and the Broncos before they can completely control the fate of their 2009 campaign.

If Miami wins their next three games (@ Titans, TEXANS, STEELERS) and the Patriots lose one of their remaining three (@ Bills, JAGUARS, @ Texans), the Dolphins win the AFC East. If the Patriots finish 10-6 (currently they are 8-5) and the Ravens win out, the Ravens lose the spot to New England due to that head-to-head loss back on October 4.

If the Broncos win out (OAKLAND, @ Philadelphia, KANSAS CITY) they finish at 11-5 and one game ahead of the Ravens (10-6) should they win out.

So if you want to throw a little negative karma, bad mojo or put the maloiks on any teams this weekend while you warm those chilly bones, direct it towards the Dolphins and Broncos. Miami is a 3 point dog to the Titans while the Broncos are 14 point home favorites against the Silver & Black.

A loss by either team will THEN give the Ravens control of their destiny.

And wouldn’t that make next week’s game against the Steelers that much more appetizing?



Jerry B said...

Watched the game last night with great interest because of its implications for a Ravens playoff spot and, while I'm pleased with the outcome, I, for one, would never "root" for Indianapolis for obvious deep seated reasons. For those who are ready to annoint Peyton Manning as the "greatest QB of all time", they need reminding that Manning has played in an era where QBs are afforded greater "protection" and receivers are allowed to run routes literally unmolested than in earlier generations! So, put into proper perspective, it's probably safe to declare Manning the "greatest of his generation".......