Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pass Interference in the NFL

You have to wonder sometimes in the NFL if the punishment fits the crime when it comes to pass interference. Quarterback throws a desperation pass 60 yards downfield, the receiver and defender both make plays on the ball but the official concludes that the defender initiated just a tad too much contact.

60 yard penalty!

Is that fair?

It is if the defender blatantly prevents the receiver from making a play.

But is a ticky-tack foul worthy of such a game altering reward of 60 yards?

Perhaps the league should have levels of pass interference. A blatant penalty is a spot foul while the less severe impediment might simply get a 10 yard penalty and an automatic first down.

Sometimes a penalty is not called at all as in the case of Mark Clayton v. the Packers. Sometimes offensive pass interference is called as in the case of Derrick Mason. For me, if the alleged infraction makes a difference in the outcome of the play it should be called. And using that as the basis for calling or not calling a penalty, it's my opinion that the Ravens were jobbed by the officials on both of these plays.

But that's my opinion.

What's yours?


Anonymous said...

Will never happen Tony. They actually discussed this on Official Review last week and Pereira just made excuse after excuse and then finally said "it is something that we might talk about". Yeah, right.

They try to protect the officials in any way possible because they know they are incompetent for the most part. Perfect example is when they changed the facemask rule from a 5 or 15 yds to just 15yds to further insulate the refs from any criticism. They did not even hide why they changed it and said so after the fact. Same thing with the force out rule they just changed, Lord forbid the official would have to make a "judgement call" (is that not what they do whenever they throw a flag anyway??)

You think if they won't even let them call a 10 yd difference on a facemask they are going to let them call a 50 yard difference on an interference?? Not happening. Pretty soon illegal contact will be gone and everything will be pass interference and a spot foul...watch.

Jerry B said...

Here's my opinion on the ubiquitous "pass interference" calls. The NFL owners have decided that they want a more wide open game because it's more exciting and leads to greater interest and revenues; hence, overprotecting the QBs and not alllowing even "incidental" contact with receivers have led to a "pass happy" league. Well, maybe that produces more TDs and greater point production, but it has also tainted the game of football that is, after all, a "contact" sport! In fact, it has "interfered" with the flow of the game! So, the league needs to go back to basics on these issues and differentiate between contact that is "incidental" in pass defense as opposed to "blatant" interfering with the receiver's ability to get to the ball or make the catch. As for the QBs in the pocket, if you want to protect them, go back to the "in the grasp" rule that prevents QBs from squirming away from defenders attempting to stop them without "hurting" them. Subtle differences maybe, but by far better than the current rules.......

Anonymous said...

Let's quit whining. The Ravens secondary is just flat out poorly coached on situational defense. When the defense throws an all out blitz, how do the corners let their man get behind them? They should be playing soft and keeping everything in front of them, not press coverage. When there's an up-for-grabs long sideline pass, if the defender is within a step of the receiver, it's going to take a great catch most of the time to come down with it. How often will that happen - 20% of the time? 30%? 50%? Whatever the number, it's not 100%, which is the likelihood of getting called when you're manhandling the receiver when the ball is in the air. The corner has to turn around and go after the ball, not go after the receiver. Why are the Ravens so poorly coached in this fundamental aspect of situational pass defense??

Harryos29 said...

hARRY oS 29
I think the NFL has tinkered with the rules way too much in favor of the OFFENSE. The DB cannot even breathe on the receiver without getting a penalty. Lighten up guys.

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