Thursday, December 31, 2009

Has the injured Ed Reed played his last game as a Raven?

Ed Reed isn’t the easiest player on the planet to figure out. At times he appears unmotivated. Other times observers aren’t sure if he’s hurt or feigning an injury. Some close to the team surprisingly describe Reed as somewhat of an insecure guy while others question his love for the game.

Some call Reed selfish, often abandoning the team concept due to an apparently insatiable desire to make a play – to be the star.

However no one can question Reed’s accomplishments. Yet since he’s been on the shelf for the past four games nursing a groin injury it’s difficult to argue against the notion that the secondary has played better while Reed embraces the role of sideline cheerleader.

Insiders have suggested that Reed has never fully bought into the Harbaugh way. Given the career longevity of the safety position and Reed’s resume, might the Ravens consider trading the 6-time Pro Bowler? Reed has three years remaining on his current deal with the club and each year hovers in the $6-7 million range. Might that be a bit too rich for the Ravens given their many other needs? Should they part ways, free up a few dollars and gain a pick, a player or both in the process?

Keep this in mind…the Eagles parted ways with Brian Dawkins, a seven-time Pro Bowler who for all intents and purposes was their heart and soul, their version of Ray Lewis. They will only get a compensatory pick in return. Also keep in mind that Ed Reed might want to ditch his current deal in exchange for an upfront bonus considering his lingering injuries over the past couple of seasons.

And finally keep in mind that 2010 is shaping up as an uncapped season which means the Ravens can absorb the unamortized portion of Reed’s last signing bonus without any negative repercussions. Perhaps good old buddy Rex Ryan would be interested.


Jerry B said...

Good, "post", TL! Being "old school", I'd like to see Reed retire a Raven, but that's no longer a practical consideration in this day and age, particularly with a player beleagured with injuries in recent years. So, in the final analysis, let's hope that if and when the time comes, the decision will be good for both team and player. Both the Ravens and Ed Reed deserve no less......

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Reed has any real trade value unless you give him away. Forget his groin and foot issues for a moment. Those will heal eventually, but I can't imagine any team willing to absorb the three years remaining on Reed's contract PLUS give up high round draft choices for a player who is nursing a career-threatening neck problem that has not improved in TWO YEARS. The real question is will the Ravens want to continue to play this wait-and-see approach with his neck under such a high dollar contract. I think they may just release him outright after this season and let him test the market like they did with Samari Rolle.