Monday, December 14, 2009

Could the Ravens win the AFC North?

Let’s not get too excited about the Ravens complete dominance over the Detroit Lions, a team one year removed from a 0-16 finish, still in the midst of a 2-11 season in ’09 and winners of just three of their last 37 regular season games.

But, the Ravens did what they had to do and they played hard and hustled to the whistle from the opening kick to the closing gun.

The win left the Ravens at 7-6 and still in the playoff hunt. Most of our collective focus is upon the three other teams that share a common record: Jaguars; Jets and Dolphins.

Yet something occurred to me while watching highlights of the Vikings’ dismantling of the Bengals – could Marvin Lewis’ troops lose all of their remaining games and the Ravens win all three of their regular season matchups on the 2009 schedule?

The Bengals go on the road to play the Chargers in a game that will have major post season implications. The Chargers may be the hottest team in the NFL and they will most likely beat the Bengals. Cincinnati then returns home to host the Chiefs. If the Chiefs can pull the upset, the Bengals will then have to go to the Meadowlands to face the Jets in a must-win situation.

Could the Ravens actually win the AFC North?

Crazier things have happened but if the Ravens win on Sunday and the Bengals lose, add Cincinnati to the mix of teams to watch closely on December 27.


Jerry B said...

Interesting perspective, TL, but don't look for the Ravens to win the AFC North for two reasons - they won't beat Ben Roethlisburger and the Steelers in Pittsburgh and the Bengals won't lose to KC or the Jets. Greg Mattison has proven throughout the season that he doesn't believe in the importance of a pass rush in pass defense, which means that "Big Ben" will have his way with our secondary. In fact, the Ravens may have their hands full with the Bears on Sunday if they don't pressure Cutler and, since they haven't pressured QBs all season, there is little expectation that they will change on Sunday! And, even if the Bengals lose to the Chargers, which, as you point out is a distinct possibility, they will beat both the Jets and KC, which are inferior to the Bengals. I'm still of the opinion that the Ravens my be one of the most talented teams NOT to make the playoffs this year because of poor coaching from their coordinators......

Anonymous said...

Sometimes injuries are a positive.

1. Cousins looked solid.
2. Zibby looked solid
3. Demitrius looked solid
4. Barnes/Kruger looked solid.
5. Webb is a stud!!

I am encouraged by the play of younger guys when they've had to step up.

This bodes well for the future

Harryos29 said...

Harry Os 29 Dec 14th
...Dear Tony, as Much as I like your enthusiasm... the OPPOSITE of MURPHYS laws would need to kick in ...three weeks in a row. I would like nothing better than to just see the Home Town boyz make the playoffs by hook or by crook. But, as I sit her at 11:28 pm , watching the 49ers finish off KURT WARNER and his Cardinals 24-9.. anything is possible.
...Recently, I watched a movie shown over and over this time of year with Jimmy Stuart. "Its a wonderful life": But some how, I cannot see Greg Mattison turning into GEORGE BAILEY, and turning this Defense into the 2000 Ravens Defense.
Thats just my opinion, I could be wrong.