Monday, November 30, 2009

To say the Ravens are slow starters is an understatement

If you think the Ravens are pretty predictable on their first offensive possession, then you would be absolutely correct!

I thought Ray Rice would take a handoff and go relatively nowhere to start the game for Cam Cameron’s unit. Unfortunately I was right – Ray Rice up the middle for a gain of 1. Too familiar if you ask me!

Yesterday I did something that I rarely do – I stayed at home and watched the game.

No section 107 seat, no press box, just my living room.

And I must admit that there are certain advantages to that viewing chair. I can rewind, freeze, slo-mo and all of the wonderful amenities provided by my DVR. I can also access the internet on more than one computer if I choose. So gifting away my tickets to my son and his friend had its privileges.

With that in mind I decided to do a little surfing on to see what Cameron has called in each of the team’s 11 games on the very first play of the game.

The 11 snaps in question have produced 26 yards, i.e. 2.36 yards per play.

Three of those plays were passes, one of which was incomplete. Those three plays produced 21 yards or seven yards per throw.

The eight running plays have produced 5 yards – FIVE (that’s 0.63 yards/carry if you are keeping score)! Four of those yards were churned by Joe Flacco on a scramble. So that leaves seven plays from running backs producing 1 yard – ONE! (If you are still scoring this, that’s 0.14 yards/carry.)

Now over the course of the last 6 games, Ray Rice has been the ball carrier on the Ravens’ first offensive play 6 consecutive times. Those 6 runs have produced minus 1 yard.

Think it’s time for a change?
Photo by Sabina Moran


Darien said...

How does someone go from being such a great play caller (beginning of the season) to where we are now?

Jerry B said...

Poor coaching, TL, not taking full advantage of the talent......

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 30th
Wow, My last Blog for the Month of NOVEMBER.
...I would like to See Cam open up the Game with a DEEP throw, even if its incomplete. There are worse things in this league than Second and one. Besides..could Cam be daring enough to come out
with 4 WIDES like he did on the
4th and 5 pass to Ray Rice for 44 yards last nite? Hmmm... that sounds pretty appetizing to me.
... while were at it.. Where is the Suggs Package? ..

...From the Green Bay game forward the Ravens are in a ONE and DONE drive to the Playoffs: Any loss will severely hurt the Ravens playoff chances. Come on Cam, dig deep into your playbook and open it up.. You may even call a pass to # 87, the Other Invisivble Raven. Paul Kruger had his coming out party; Why not Demitrius Williams?