Monday, November 23, 2009

Ravens v. Colts: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

The Good: The Ravens defense stepped up after a shaky start and forced three turnovers. They did a nice job of keeping Peyton Manning off balance and at times they were in his head. A often criticized secondary held their own and outside of a blown coverage in the end zone, they kept the dangerous Dallas Clark under wraps…Ray Rice chipped in with another 100+ yard effort from the line of scrimmage (135 yards) and Derrick Mason, despite a drop had a solid game (9 catches, 142 yards). The two combined for 277 of the team’s 354 net yards of offense…John Harbaugh’s challenge following Lardarius Webb’s fumble on the Ravens’ initial kick return changed the game’s momentum in a big way. Replays were hardly conclusive and there didn’t seem to be enough evidence to overturn the fumble called on the field. Despite the odds, Harbaugh got his way…Ray Lewis’ hit on Santi at the 1 to force the fumble/turnover…Billy Cundiff’s overall effort, 5 of 6 FGA’s…Sam Koch’s hands, among the best in the business as a kick holder. He has bailed out long snapper Matt Katula regularly during the 2009 campaign. Sunday was no exception.

The Bad: Joe Flacco had plenty of time to throw most of the afternoon yet seemed to continually lock in on Derrick Mason or check down prematurely to Ray Rice. He also delivered the ball late to Derrick Mason on no less than three occasions. Flacco is far too dependent upon Rice and Mason. Twenty-six of his 34 throws were intended for one or the other…Cam Cameron’s short yardage sub packages are very subpar. He needs to utilize his roster better and take advantage of size matchups when they present themselves. The inability to score a touchdown after a first and goal from the 1 is inexcusable…Chris Chester doesn’t generate any offensive push. It’s time to replace him with Marshal Yanda…Ray Lewis, your jock is still on the 1 yard line following Joseph Addai’s 5 yard TD run…The run support from the Ravens’ corners and nickel backs was awful.

The Ugly: Haloti Ngata’s unnecessary personal foul cost the Ravens field position. Instead of a 2nd and 17 from the Ravens 48 the Colts were handed a first and 10 at the Ravens 33 leading to a Matt Stover 25 yard field goal. Those 15 yards and the down ultimately were the difference in the game...Joe Flacco’s interception toss to Gary Bracken was a fundamentally flawed play. He predetermined where he was going with the ball prior to the snap and ignored an open Derrick Mason running an intermediate out. Harbaugh wasted a time out with 2:19 to go and that cost the Ravens 47 seconds on the game clock…The short yard/goal line offense was anemic…Red zone efficiency on offense cost the Ravens dearly and of course, Cundiff’s missed 30 yard FG.

The Megan Fox: It’s not often that Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis go through an entire game without a tackle, sack or quarterback hurry between them but that is exactly what happened on Sunday. The credit goes to Jared Gaither and Michael Oher who combined easily score this week’s Megan Fox Award.


Jerry B said...

Apparently the Ravens have not learned anything from their past meetings with the Colts, because they still think they can beat them with.....field goals! I'm so sick and tired of losing games because the offense plays "not to lose"; in fact, I'd rather get beat 35-10 than lose because we can't score TDs in the "red zone"! And, if you're so determined to run it in from the 1 yard line, at least give the ball to your most punishing runner, Le'Ron McClain. I could have sworn that Brian Billick was calling plays yesterday, but the sad fact is that all these "geniuses" must study the same play books. Norv Turner did the same damned dumb thing against the Ravens in San Diego earlier in the year and.....lost!!!! A season that started with so much promise is now, to quote from an old Simon and Garfunkle song, "slip slidin' away......"

Darien said...

How does Ed Reed's insane lateral that late as he's falling down not make it on the BAD list?

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29...
Well its Thanksgiving week, and the Ravens Served up a TURKEY a few days early
...I called into the ROB LONG show this morning with this comment. What ever happened to the SPREAD OFFENSE down near the Goal line? At least try it before 3rd down. The Colts jammed 9 in the Box and our runners did not have a prayer!!!
..If Cam would allow Joe come up to the line with a Quick count and a quick pop would have thrown the COLTS off ....because we have not done that all year.... here is hoping that the Ravens Coaches, realize that we are 5-5 and need to open it up and take some chances. Because what we have been doing lately is not getting it done

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 24th
...I just saw the news that the Ravens Signed 2 former NFL, former UFL players... and as Butch Cassiday and the Sundance kid said in the final Scene of their movie WHO ARE THESE GUYS ???
Charlie Ali, FB
Carey Willams,DB
Lets just hope that neither of them have any Darren Stone Genes in them...
ps TL...nice job of updating the PICS

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work here at the "Hi, Trudy" show. Right on the mark as always, TL. You're the bright light beacon in a murky sea.

(Now...where's that good old sarcasm smiley?)

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Oher is my ROY