Monday, November 02, 2009

Ravens v. Broncos: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

The Good: The Ravens faced a Denver defense that allowed only 66 points the entire season and had limited opponents to a third down conversion rate of 26%. The Broncos also had gone four consecutive games without allowing a second half third down conversion. Yesterday the Ravens rang the scoreboard for 30 points and 24 in the second half. They also converted 61% of third downs for the game and they were 6 of 8 (75%) after the break…Jarret Johnson set the tone on the game’s first play from scrimmage dropping Orton for an 8 yard sack. Johnson was solid throughout the game with pressure and controlled his matchups at the line of scrimmage…Ed Reed recovered from a poor effort in Minnesota and forced a fumble with a big hit on a slow developing screen. He also faked a blitz off the right edge and then covered the swing pass to his side to drop Correll Buckhalter for a 5 yard loss…Chris Carr responded to heavy criticism of his play with a solid defensive performance and showed marked improvement (despite a premature fair catch) in his punt returns…Kelley Washington had 4 catches for 58 yards, each catch resulting in a first down…Joe Flacco’s development continues. Not only did he tie a Ravens record for completion percentage (80%) he also showed outstanding pocket presence and solid footwork while evading the pass rush…Ray Rice had 84 yards and a score against a tough and fast Denver D…Greg Mattison let the dogs out and installed a game plan more in line with the team’s defensive DNA.

The Bad: Terrell Suggs and Jarret Johnson both dropped interceptions that had pick 6 written all over them…Chris Chester and Ben Grubbs struggled at times.

The Ugly: Eight more penalties for 94 yards. The Ravens reputation for penalties is snowballing and when in doubt, officials are making calls they probably shouldn’t perhaps an acknowledgement of the team’s burgeoning bad boy reputation…Derrick Mason’s temper tantrum was way over the top particularly at that early stage of the scoreless game (4:57 of Q1).

The Megan Fox: The Ravens special teams’ effort against the Broncos had to be among the club’s very best of all time. They were outstanding on punt and kickoff coverage limiting the dangerous Eddie Royal to a 2.5 yard average on 2 punt returns and 18.7 yards on 6 kick returns…Steve Hauschka rebounded from his failures in Minnesota and was rock solid on field goal attempts and outside of his opening kickoff, his boots off the tee landed deep. On average for the game Hauschka placed his kickoffs at the goal line including the opening kickoff…The team tackling on both kick and punt returns was superb…Chris Carr came up to field short punts in traffic instead of allowing them to bounce and that help the team control field position…On average the Ravens’ drives started at their own 35 v. the Broncos whose drives started at their own 21 on average…Lardarius Webb is an incredibly quick accelerator and fearless on kick returns. He is a weapon and will help the team win the battle for field position. His 95 yard TD return on the second half’s opening kickoff was electrifying and the way the team’s defense was playing, the return despite the majority of the second half still to be played felt like a game winner...Props to Jerry Rosburg and his vastly improved unit.


Jerry B said...

Nice to see them get back to basics, i.e., pressuring the QB, flyimg to the ball, aggressive, intimidating Ravens defense! Amazing how much better the secondary looks when QB is under constant pressure! We'll need more of the same from here on in 'cause we face great QBs down the road! As for officiating, which continues to be uniformally "bad", the Ravens reputation draws an uneven amount of attention from officials - that's just a fact of life that they have to deal with.......

Don said...

Ellerbe looks like a real find by our scouting department. He and Mcclain, another undrafted FA from last year, give the Ravens good depth at the LB position should something happen to our starters. Hell, Ellerbe looks about as good as Gooden right now. Any thoughts?

Harryos29 said...

Harry os 29 Nov 2nd
Nice article You Covered all the bases..and its always nice to see the MEGAN FOX Feature.
I think Ellerbe will more than Replace Bart Scott very soon. As far as WEBB goes... another ozzie/De Costa ..rabbit out of the hat.
Raven on...bring on the Bungels..

Tony Lombardi said...


The team sees Ellerbe as a real player and a potential stud as an inside backer. They love Gooden's potential and his raw physical skills but there are concerns about his ability to stay healthy and they don't see him as a long-termer as a result. They are hoping to get 3-5 years out of him. He's already had 2 or 3 concussions and that isn't a good thing for an inside backer.