Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NFL Injury reports can be deceiving

NFL injury reports list four categories: Probable; Questionable; Doubtful and Out. Conventional thinking suggests that Probable equates to a 75% chance of a player playing, Questionable 50%, Doubtful 25% and Out 0%.

However, a study of injury reports over the past 10 years conducted by the Ravens front office kicks such conventional thinking to the curb. What they have discovered at the Castle in Owings Mills is that while the traditional barometers may intend to gauge the probability of an injured player playing, the actual results are far different.

Players listed as Probable suited up 95% of the time; Questionable 53%; Doubtful 7% and Out 1%.

Fantasy ballers and those inclined to wager should take note…


Harryos29 said...

harry os 29 Nov 25th
I don't pay much attn to all the PROBABLES and Questionables..I just tune in Sunday and see who is playing. COMMENT: the NFL is so sanctimoniuous (sp?) about players gambling etc...why in the HELL are Point spreads and other information put out there...if PEOPLE were not GAMBLING ON GAMES>?
the Late great Charlie Eckman told me once... if they publish a point spread...its fixed.. NUFF SAID?

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Happy T-Day :)

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Nov 26th Turkey Day
Speaking of TURKEYS, I know that the LIONS players are giving 100% today, but the Game is another Turkey; 3rd qtr 20-7 Green Bay is winning. However, I have Jim Schwartz's Back. Being a fellow MT ST JOE Alumnus, I feel that, given time, Jim will produce a winner in Detroit.
But, on to the IMPORTANT things on this day. If anyone who visits this site, has not read the Letter to the Fans from TONY yourself a favor and go there now. Its truly one of Tony's best peices of work. He puts things in perspective for this special season we are entering. Somtimes we all need to step back from FOOTBALL and look at the Important things in our lives. Today , we are spending the day with my Son in Frederick with his two young Children, a 2 year old boy and the baby Girl is One month old today
Now..that means more to me, even than the Ravens winning the Superbowl: which is a distant dream at best, at this time

Jerry B said...

Many years ago, my Dad was the team dentist for the Baltimore Colts and I would assist him on occasion with paper work. I can assure you that it's rare that any player who participates in a game escapes injury of one kind or another, but only the more serious ones receive any publicity by league mandate and even they are often downplayed as much as possible. That's why I believe Flacco's ankle injury suffered against Minnesota, while receiving little or no notoriety, has hampered his agility and accuracy the past few weeks. That may also explain the signing this week of the big fullback in an effort to resurrect the "three-headed-monster" with Le'Ron McClain returning to tailback to take some pressure off of Flacco.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 11/27/09
Well, Jerry B, having worked with your DAD, you know the Truth about NFL INJURIES. I remember one game vs the Bears where Doug Adkins crushed Johnny Unitas Face mask and broke John's nose. Blood was gushing down the front of his Uniform. I think John or the Trainers shoved some mudd up his nose. John Returned to the field and fired a TD Pass to win the game.
...I wonder how many concussions John suffered over the years? If he suffered them, you'd never know it. He was one tuff and determined Individual.
... Back to JOE FLACCO's Ankle..and Harbuaghs secrecy about the health of his team. I'm sure that JOHN HARBUAGH worked either at NSA at Ft Meade or for the CIA in a previous life
... I must agree with JERRY B, I have noticed Joes Passes are just off a bit. I can recall 3 bombs that he has just missed on,, and I don't think we can put all the blame on the Receivers. If we blame anybody, its the FRONT office for not going after a Veteran like Anquan Bolden of
AZ, during the off season. If nothing else, 2009 will give them a blue print of what Positions need to be addressed in the draft and through Free Agency..
... I am a lousy predictor but lets say Ravens 16 STillers 13 in a close one, won by BILLY CUNDIFF.