Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More playing time for McGahee is NOT the answer

Where’s Willis?

Why aren’t the Ravens playing McGahee more?

These questions are being pondered by Ravens fans throughout the Land of Pleasant Living.


Can Willis McGahee help the Ravens stretch the field? Would his increased playing time help the team’s receivers gain better separation? Could his presence reverse the recent slump of Chris Chester?

No, no and no!

Unless McGahee can take a direct snap and throw it to himself downfield, he won’t improve the team’s offense. Who is he going to replace, the team’s best offensive weapon not wearing No. 5 – Ray Rice?

C’mon man!

Sure I get that Willis has been productive when he has a chance to get into the flow of the game. And Cam Cameron has been able to do that up to the heartbreaker in Minnesota. In that contest, the Ravens fell way behind and McGahee finished the contest with 7 attempts for 3 yards. Not exactly productive unless a set of downs includes 22 plays.

Given the way that game unfolded with Ray Rice’s explosiveness and 194 yards from scrimmage, can you question the choice to not get McGahee more involved?

Against Denver McGahee had three touches for 3 yards. His game is inside the tackles and if you recall, the Ravens offensive line struggled in that area. Was Cameron wrong not to play Willis more?

In two games against the Bengals McGahee had two more touches for two more yards.

Scintillating huh?

In order to get McGahee more touches, the Ravens need to achieve balance in their offense. It is then that they are most successful and it is then, by no small coincidence that they are able to get McGahee into the flow.

But let’s get this straight right now, giving McGahee more touches during the club's losses would have changed NOTHING! NOTHING! Come to think of it, the results may have been even worse. Should the Ravens put Troy Smith in to spell Flacco? That makes about as much sense as replacing your most productive player with McGahee.

The key to more PT for Willis is finding balance in the offense and playing with a lead. Until they do, McGahee will continue to sit and you know what if it means choosing between him and Rice, he should sit.


Jerry B said...

Don't look for more "balance" on offense because the short throws to Rice have supplanted our running game, which vanished with the decision to release Lorenzo Neal. Without a running game, defenses will tee-off on Flacco and without good receivers, he'll spend more time running for his life! No, McGahee is not the answer because without strong lead blocking, the running game has been "grounded" (pun intended!)!

Harryos29 said...

Harry os 29
..I'm not sure I understand ALL of the reasons as to WHY McGahee is not playing. I sure hope that Harbaugh has not put him in the Same LIGHT that he did for CHRIS MC ALISTER?
...Did the Ravens blow it by Not Resigning Lorenzo Neal? IMHO yes..and on Three other players too: Leonard; Scott; & the no Brainer is Stover.
... When you lose, the reasons are not always obvious! However, penalties and Joe Not being accurate have a lot to do with it. Anyone who saw the performance by ROTHLISBERGER on MNF vs the Broncos should hope that our BOY, Mr FLACCO can be as accurate as Ben. I'm a firm believer, that if your QB puts the ball on the MONEY, no DB can stop the Catch. I guess I was spoiled by watching UNITAS for too long?

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

Rice is doing a very nice job

I'd like to see the Ravens run the three headed monster a little more, since the WR's aren't consistent

Harryos29 said...

I fully agree with CRAZY CANTON CUTS. Lets get the 3 headed Monster going again. Sure Ray Rice is turning out to be our Ulitmate Weapon, however on MNF we will be playing, what we perceive, to be a lesser opponent. Why not run the ball, get a lead, and continue to poud the ROCK until the Browns stop us? We know that Flacco can pass, I'm intent on helping our defense get off the SHNIDE as BOOMER on ESPN SAYS....

rakeback said...

Ray Rice is leading the Ravens in receiving and rushing, while splitting time with 2 other backs. If the defense can pick things up in the 2nd half of the season, they can become a very dangerous team.