Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't count on Suggs playing v. Pittsburgh

John Harbaugh has shown a great deal of gamesmanship when it comes to Ravens injuries and addressing questions about the physical well being of his team. He consistently serves up empty answers and such questions regarding the team’s highest paid player are no exception.

Harbaugh insists that Suggs status is week to week and somewhere in his words of nothingness you will hear something about him being hopeful that Suggs will play against the (fill in the blank) and then we’ll get, “We’ll find out on Sunday.”

If Suggs plays on Sunday against the Steelers I will be borderline shocked. No one in the Ravens’ camp is providing anything definitive about Suggs’ injury but the body language and between the lines reading suggests that he will miss 3+ games.


Jerry B said...

See my comments relative to "injury reports" as to Harbaugh's deceptions. My guess is that if Suggs plays at all this season, it won't be unless the Ravens make the playoffs and even then it would be considered......."questionable"!