Monday, November 16, 2009

Browns fans should hope the team moves...AGAIN!

Cleveland fans have always been rather miserable and since the Browns left in 1997 and became the Baltimore Ravens, the misery has intensified.

The Browns go through head coaches and GM’s like David Duchovny goes through women.

Tonight the “brilliant” fans of Cleveland are staging a protest of sorts (assuming they can actually organize one) and may abandon their seats prior to the opening kickoff just to send a statement to management that they’ve had enough.

You know this got me thinking…

Under Randy Lerner, the Browns will probably never amount to much. After the way they’ve treated coaches, players, locker rooms (staph is as common as the common cold in Cleveland Browns’ facilities), executives, etc. who would want to work there?

Maybe the best thing for Browns fans is if Lerner moves the team to Los Angeles and then the mayor and the fans can jump up and down and whine like a 2 year old who just had his lollipop eaten by the dog. They will whine until they are granted ANOTHER expansion franchise.

Why not Browns fans?

After all, you’d stand a better chance of making the playoffs as an expansion team than you do with the collection of misfits that now call themselves the Cleveland Browns.

Just sayin'...


Jerry B said...

Pretty pathetic franchise! And to think they had a quality owner who had the audacity to want improvements and/or a new facility to match the ones given to Cleveland's other sports teams! As a native Baltimorean who agonized over the loss of our former proud franchise, I have a certain empathty for Cleveland's long suffering fans. But, at least their former owner had the character and class to leave the Browns' heritage in tact, which is more than can be said for the reprehensible manner in which Robert Irsay "stole" our franchise under cover of darkness and left us to deal with the equally rerehensible Paul Tagliabue, who we almost had to "beg" for a new franchise to no avail! The bottom line is that the Cleveland fans for all their suffering can never quite imagine the ignominity that we Baltimoreans had to suffer for 13 long, miserable years! Empathy for their plight.......yes! Sympathy for them......nah!

Pissed off/on in Cleveland said...

Not a bad idea. Think it can work?

New Browns Rule! said...

Baltimore fans and writers are jacksasses. New Browns over Old Browns tonight and then we'll see what you guys say. You'll probably go murder a bunch of people in that scum city of yours.

Tony Lombardi said...

Look New Browns, I may be a jackass but don't you dare call me a jacksass.


Another high school drop out in Cleveland?