Monday, October 05, 2009

Ravens @ Patriots: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

The Good

Derrick Mason continues to show toughness, leadership and the ability to move the sticks. If Joe Flacco was able to deliver a couple of balls in a more timely fashion, Mason could have posted another 100 yard receiving game…Joe Flacco although shaky at times looked like a seasoned veteran running the 2 minute offense down the stretch in the fourth quarter. Not only did Flacco move the team efficiently, his poise and clock management were nearly perfect. In a manner which belies his experience, Flacco was on the verge of not only taking the lead from the Patriots, he also played defense by leaving little time for Tom Brady had the Ravens scored and kicked the ball away.

Jarret Johnson is the defense’s most consistent player contributing a sack and a big tackle for a loss while shrugging off a painful shoulder injury…Dwan Edwards’ constant hustle was rewarded when he recovered Tom Brady’s fumble in the end zone…Props to Terrell Suggs for making a big play when the team needed it…Kick coverage improved markedly.

The Bad

Sure we can make excuses for Ed Reed and his neck/shoulder never impingement but the bottom line is that Reed rarely seems in position to make the game altering plays that were once a trademark. At this point in the season Reed could be described as one of the league’s most overrated superstars…Reed’s sidekick Dawan Landry played soft and Brady exploited the big gap between the hash marks beyond the linebackers and in front of Reed and Landry…Tackling by Landry, Edwards, Dannelle Ellerbee, Tom Zbikowski, Ray Lewis and Brendon Ayanbadejo was suspect…Cam Cameron’s game plan was very questionable. He ignored the run despite the Patriots completely selling out to get to Flacco and the apparent ability of the offensive line to create space for Ray Rice during limited opportunities. You would think the Ravens would want to lean on their ability to run to wear down the Pats and keep Brady off the field. On third and fourth and short, why not use Le’Ron McClain?...Penalties were ridiculous and yesterday’s lack of team discipline was reminiscent of a Brian Billick team.

The Ugly

Mark Clayton had three chances to make a significant play and missed on all three – let’s just say he struck out in a big way. The officiating was horrific. They looked confused and out of place. Their protection of league princess Tom Brady was a joke even allowing Brady to make one of the roughing the passer calls himself. Their handling of the Patriots’ fake field goal and the succeeding events was very minor league. The sequence should have ended in a turnover on downs. Instead the Patriots put another three spot on the board...Add Chris Carr's return skills to the mix hear as well.

The Megan Fox

Ray Rice touched the ball 16 times and averaged nearly 10 yards per touch. If only Cam Cameron would have seen him in the same light.


ravcolt said...

No excuse for Cam Cameron's choking again in a big game. Call Lorenzo Neal up and get him over here so we can go back to forcing the other team to GUESS what kind of play we are going to run. Seventeen rushing attempts against a team begging for us to throw?

Jerry B said...

Agree across the board, TL. As previously noted, the Ravens are a good team, capable of beating anyone including.....themselves! They certainly proved that yesterday! But, let's face it - this is not the dominant defense we've grown accustomed to around here. The corners are average at best in coverage and horrendous in tackling. Ed reed misses Jim Leonard more than I thought he would. And, they have yet to find a suitable replacement for Bart Scott because Tavares Gooden seems to be injury prone. All of which means that Greg Mattison lacks the personnel that Rex had and, it's difficult to blitz when your corners can't cover! As for the offense, Cameron missed an opportunity yesterday in failing to run the ball more, which also would have kept Brady off the field. As for Flacco, he continues to prove that he's not just good, but has the potential to be great if and when he gets receivers who can get open and catch the ball! I still believe this is a legitimate playoff team that will have to rely more on the offense than in past years to compensate for a defense that no longer dominates. The good news is that the offense is good enough now to actually win games!

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

seriously, I bench Clayton and roll with Washington..and pray he stays healthy for once

poker rakeback said...

Ray Lewis even after double digit seasons in the league remains one of the best linebackers and most intimidating presences in the NFL. Ray and Ed Reed make up the best 1-2 combo in the league.

Anonymous said...

Let's add that Greg Mattison's defensive schemes seem to be a step behind more often than not. A telling statement by one of the evening talking heads: He says the Ravens blew it by designing their pressure packages from the outside instead of from up the middle to force Brady to move more on his bad knee.

Let's also not write off Reed too quickly. He was the best defensive player in the NFL a mere four regular season games ago. How about this for a systemic problem: The secondary are all horrible tacklers, resulting in way too many yards after catch. Reed is hurt, and the rest of them or too small or too scared to make a hard tackle. You can see what a difference a thumper like the Pats' Merriweather made yesterday.

Harryos29 said...

I think JERRY B is right on the MARK,if you will excuse the pun..
I kept asking..where Was Paul Kruger? and he appeared magically on Sunday. Now I ask ..what the heck i s going on with DEMITRIUS WILLIAMS ? Surely he can catch the ball. Mark Clayton has suddenly turned into JUSTIN HARPER, with the DROPSIES...
..Lets just say this.. a PRO Receiver, who has 5 years in the league..out fights the DB and makes the FIRST catch in the endzone... and being the HOMER that I am.. I think there was INTERFERENCE on that Play. with that said: I cannot fault the REFs for the Last pass that Clayton Dropped.. That was just MARK Being MARK.
Something that nobody has brought up yet.. was a play..just before the half.. when Mark and Flacco ..obviously had missed connections? Thoughts? Joe fired a pass for an OUT pattern...right into the hands of the DB..and Mark was streaking for the endzone.. either Joe needs to Hold the ball an extra second and re-load...or Mark needs to run the route that was called in the huddle. SOME how.. I cannot find it in Blame Flacco for that was just not MARKS Day.
.. Lets see if HARBAUGH has the same "SET" that Mike TOMLIN has...Will Demitrius be active next sunday and will Mark be wearing a Baseball Cap? for all the money he is making...he needs to make those catches... no excuses.
.. If others think I'm being to hard on him..let me know. Raymond Berry never dropped the easy ones.

Venerable Alfred said...

I can't disagree with some of what you say. However, the secondary has essentially the same tacklers it had last year, minus Leonhard (who wasn't very good either). Is our physicality an issue an issue, yes. To bring Merriweather's name into the equation however, weakens your point. He missed at least three tackles in the game (twice badly missing Rice in space) and once missing Clayton. In the end, i think tackling in most secondaries is somewhat sporadic.

What bothered me more was the misses that Ray and Ellerbe had on the TD run by Morris. Those are plays that have to be made. I do not like our run defense when we are in our sub package. That is how teams can run against us. They pin Pryce, hand off from shotgun, and the back essentially reads 52. If this keeps happening, teams will spend the whole game in spread to keep our sub team on the field. I think Mattison is having some growing pains.