Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ravens' corners taking undeserved heat for secondary woes

The Ravens’ corners have been unjustly criticized by fans and media members as the biggest culprits in the downfall of the team’s defense. If anything the Ravens are better at corner today than they were this time last season. At this stage in his career even if healthy Samari Rolle is not the corner that Domonique Foxworth is. Fabian Washington is playing better than he did in ’08 and he’s supporting the run better. Frank Walker is also further along at this stage of the season than he was during the club’s 11-5 ’08 campaign.

The team’s secondary troubles really stem from Dawan Landry’s cover skills or lack thereof and nickel back Chris Carr’s lack of top end speed (4.65-40). Landry is built to support the run and play up inside the box. The trouble is defensive coordinator Greg Mattison isn’t using Landry that way. The team would be better off handing Landry’s job to Haruki Nakamura, a player much better suited to assume Jim Leonhard’s role while Carr’s duties should go to promising rookie Lardarius Webb.

Carr is a favorite of secondary coach Chuck Pagano going back to their days together in Oakland. He’s a battler and a hustler but has to cheat to stay with receivers and given the yellow laundry directed his way this season the cheating won’t come easy. Opposing offensive coordinators have taken note. Percy Harvin must be salivating.


Jason said...

I disagree with your letting the cornerbacks off the hook. They are a full foot shorter than many of the receivers they are covering. They are getting beat to the ball often. When they do make it to the ball in time, they are getting beaten up on by the receiver..

Jerry B said...

These corners are "light weights", TL, who have trouble covering as well as tackling. Foxworth all too often is running with his back to the ball and is clueless as a result! But, the more pressure exerted on the QB's, the better the pass coverage will get! So, in that regard, they get a little (very little!) slack from me. Carr has proven worthless to date in any play he's been involved in. Might be time to see what Webb, Nakimura, etc. can do......