Monday, October 05, 2009

4-0 Starts slips through the hands of Clayton, Ravens

Just when you thought all of the talk had died down about the Ravens lack of playmakers at wide receiver, Mark Clayton chokes in a clutch situation. Despite some questionable play calling by Cam Cameron, untimely penalties, poor tackling, soft play from the safeties, Tom Brady’s 72-1 mark when leading after three quarters and wretched officiating that swung in favor of the home team, the Ravens had a chance to win.

And they should have!

Clayton’s game ending gaffe wasn’t his only missed chance to make a play. On two separate fade routes, Joe Flacco tossed high arching beauties with perfect touch that Clayton wasn’t able to finish. Yes, each was a tough catch but after 5 seasons in the league, you expect your 2005 first round pick to catch one of those balls.

To make matters worse, Brandon Marshall made a big time play in a clutch situation in the fourth quarter against the Cowboys to send the Broncos to 4-0.

Of course the Ravens will spin the loss in ways that divert attention away from Clayton. Flacco wasn’t exactly stellar (although I’d say he continued to grow) and stars like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed didn’t exactly shine. Oh and guys, you need to put this game behind you and get off the officials. Leave that up to the media and the fans and refocus on the Bengals.

Yes the Ravens can win without the Brandon Marshalls of the world and they will.
Yet Clayton’s misfortunes help to bust open an old can of worms that we all thought was comfortably tucked away on the shelf.


Jerry B said...

Mike Tomlin dectivated Limas Sweed yesterday because he dropped a TD pass in the endzone last week. Maybe Harbaugh should follow suit with Clayton and find out once and for all if Demitrius Williams, who suits up for every game and then disappears, is a pro receiver. If not, get rid of him and make room for someone who is!

Harryos29 said...

Harry os 29 oct 5th
I think JERRY B is right on the MARK,if you willexcuse the pun..
I kept asking..where Was Paul Kruger? and he appeared magically on Sunday. Now I ask ..what the heck i s going on with DEMITRIUS WILLIAMS ? Surely he can catch the ball. Mark Clayton has suddenly turned into JUSTIN HARPER, with the DROPSIES...
..lets just say this.. a PRO Receiver, who has 5 years in the league..out fights the DB and makes the FIRST catch in the endzone... and being the HOMER that I am.. I think there was INTERFERENCE on that Play. with that said: I cannot fault the REFs for the Last pass that Clayton Dropped.. That was just MARK Being MARK.
Something that nobody has brought up yet.. was a play..just before the half.. when Mark and Flacco ..obviously had missed connections? Thoughts? Joe fired a pass for an OUT pattern...right into the hands of the DB..and Mark was streaking for the endzone.. either Joe needs to Hold the ball an extra second and re-load...or Mark needs to run the route that was called in the huddle. SOME how.. I cannot find it in Blame Flacco for that was just not MARKS Day.
.. Lets see if HARBAUGH has the same "SET" that Mike TOMLIN has...Will Demitrius be active next sunday and will Mark be wearing a Baseball Cap? for all the money he is making...he needs to make those catches... no excuses.
.. If others think I'm being to hard on him..let me know. Raymond Berry never dropped the easy ones.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of benching Clayton over a dropped pass is ridiculous. Limas Sweed was benched because of poor work habits that contribute to things like dropped passes. There's no indication that Clayton has poor work habits. He certainly doesn't drop many passes, and he's the team's only deep threat, such as it is.

Venerable Alfred said...

Thank you Anon for being a voice of reason....Furthermore, on the play in question (the interception), Clayton was open for a TD on a double move. Flacco made a mistake He misread the coverage. The corner squatted. Clayton correctly ran a zipper (stop and go). Flacco should have adjusted as well. The ball should have been thrown to Clayton in the end zone. Flacco's good but he's not infallible. That was a poor pick that took points off the board before the half.