Thursday, September 10, 2009

There's a reason the Ravens kept Frank Walker

Many have questioned the team’s decision to retain DB Frank Walker but the fact is the team does like the reserve’s tenacity, toughness, willingness to play injured and his locker room presence. He is viewed as a backup nickel or dime behind Chris Carr and Lardarius Webb. Walker was exposed at corner against speedier foes but the team placed him there during the preseason simply to get in the work. They will be reluctant to use him on the edge during the regular season. Look for “The Talker” to be used in the slot and be asked to out-physical opponents.

One last whisper on Walker…the Packers, Walker’s former employer, actually inquired about the feisty DB before settling on Derrick Martin according to a source. Let the debate begin…


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 9/10/09
Tony, if the "SOURCE" said that...I will believe it 100%! I like Frank, he is a tenacious player; As long as he never turns into Darren Stone...he can be a Raven.
Tuff steelers game tonite. I love the last Play.. Hinez Ward just fumbled when he could have gone down and won the game by a FG.

Jerry B said...

Yep! So they would have someone to "cut" without guilt when they sign a backup tight end and/or fullback!