Thursday, September 10, 2009

So why exactly did the Ravens hire LJ Smith?

Many are questioning the Ravens signing of LJ Smith. The oft-injured former Eagle is a player that John Harbaugh was very familiar with prior to the signing and was definitely dialed in to Smith’s apparent affinity for the injury report. Yet Ozzie Newsome pulled the trigger on Smith anyway.

Why you ask?

The Ravens believe that they can get 8-10 games out of Smith in 2009 and that when he plays he will give the team another receiving weapon. When he’s practiced, Smith has been productive. Throw in the $1.5 million bargain salary and the Ravens concluded it was worth the risk. That said the team was hopeful that TE Quinn Sypniewski could contribute but unfortunately, he ended up on injured reserve and now his knee injury is viewed as career threatening. Look for the Ravens to make a move on a tight end soon.


Jerry B said...

This is a major area of concern this year, together with fullback where they are equally thin. An injury to Heap or McLain and they are in serious trouble. Cannot imagine them not shoring up these two critical areas........