Monday, September 21, 2009

Ravens v. Chargers: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

The Good

* The offensive line continues to develop and that’s without their starting right guard. They are equally as effective in pass protection as they are in run blocking and they are developing as a unit in the open field on plays outside the box and on screens. Gaither and Chester do need to clean up on missed blocks during screens that could have triggered big plays.

* Willis McGahee is a new man and has been since the start of training camp. He is healthier in body, mind and spirit and runs with purpose. This edition of Willis McGahee is the one Cam Cameron hoped for when he joined the Ravens and predicted a 20touchdown season.

* Joe Flacco has added a bit of swagger to his Joe Coolness and he is clearly the offensive leader. He escapes pressure, delivers a laser when needed and now sees the entire field and finds third and fourth options. Baltimore, you have a quarterback.

* Special teams played better but there’s still room to improve. Sam Koch was clutch with two punts pinned inside the 5 yard line. Chris Carr was better on kick returns.

* Kelley Washington’s play has significantly diminished Demetrius Williams’ importance on the team. He makes clutch plays and is active on special teams. Maybe D Will should be placed on the inactive list instead of Paul Kruger. He does nothing for special teams and he doesn’t even see the field during rare 4 wide receiver sets.

* Frank Walker was clutch to break up a near game changing TD pass from Rivers to Naanee.

* The red zone defense and offense…can you say 0 for 5 defensively and 3 for 4 offensively; 0 for 4 on goal to go and 2 for 2?

The Bad

* Trevor Pryce suddenly looks old. His patented rip-slap move that was once described as unstoppable is more like a trip-slap now. His football wisdom alone should have proven to be a much greater challenge for the Chargers youthful interior offensive linemen.

* Mark Clayton dropped a pass that would have resulted in a big first down on a second and 13 play from the Ravens own 45 with 5:45 left and clinging to a 2 point lead.

* Steve Hauschka’s kickoffs need to be deeper and better directionally.

* Cam Cameron opting to run outside the tackles and call stretch runs instead of the quick hitters inside the tackles that were consistently productive.

* The pass rush is average at best. Calling Paul Kruger!

* Greg Mattison’s play calling…he had virtually no answers. In a game that was full of explosives from the Chargers, it called for more Cover 2. Ed Reed, where are you?

The Ugly

* The secondary…Foxworth was at least in position to make plays and did so down the stretch when it really counted. But Fabian Washington? Can someone remind 31 that he is in a contract year.

The Megan Fox

Ray Lewis…12 tackles, 10 solo, 3 for losses, game saving tackle, tackle on Sproles at the 4 for a loss on swing pass, pressure on Rivers to force the interception by Landry, play that belies his age. How fitting that Ray receives the first Megan Fox? If you don’t get it, see the pic above.


Jerry B said...

The pass coverage will improve when the pass rush improves! Mattison is no Rex Ryan! But....if Ryan had schemed against the Steelers last year the way he did against Brady yesterday, the Ravens may have gone to the Super Bowl instead of Pittsburgh! Agree re: Pryce's play and activating Kruger for D. Williams, who is apparently in the "doghouse" for poor work ethic. Hey, if you're not going to play him, activate someone who can help! T. Gooden has disappointed so far, too. But, we now have a prolific offense thanks to Joe Flacco and can win even when the "D" has a bad day! Plus, anytime you win on the road, particularly against one of the better teams, it's a good sign.....

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 9/21
Whats not to like about MEGAN FOX? your Reference to Megan as a TRANSFORMER as in Ray Lewis making a Game-stopping-Play to Transform the game into a Ravens win? If so.. I like it. She has done a lot in her 23 years. I looked her up on WIKI...she is of Irish decent...and that is a good thing.

The RAVENS are off to a great start..just do not stumble vs the Brownies.

Anonymous said...

And for all you Frank Walker bashers out there, especially Tony, let's give a shout-out to the man for actually making a couple critical plays subbing for Fabian when no other corners showed up. That's why you evaluate him on last year's regular season, not this year's preseason, people.

Tony Lombardi said...


Put away the bratwurst and donuts, take a couple of Tums and a deep breath and then read the following two blogs entries on Walker. Then come talk to me...

John Madden said...

So the Megan Fox balances out the Bad and the Ugly. I mean, it never has been fair to just have 1 good thing like the good. So BOOM, in comes Megan Fox and she is REALLY good and balances things out, 2 for the bad side and 2 for the good side.

I like this!

You plan on doing this after every game?

If so can you please post a new picture of her each week? Seems like the fair thing to do.