Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ravens v. Browns: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

THE GOOD: Joe Flacco is far ahead of the maturation curve. His advancement as a force in the NFL is a great example of what happens when skill, work ethic, poise and great coaching can achieve…not to mention one of the league’s best and youngest offensive lines…Cam Cameron, coupled with Flacco the ball distribution on offense is outstanding! When you can engage all skill level players, it fuels the will to compete and to excel…Brendon Ayanbadejo, was all over the place and is contributing in a big way particularly in passing sub-packages. He is a liability v. the run but his improved play heightens the competition for Bart Scott’s old job and that bodes well for the team.

THE BAD: The Ravens can get away with 8 penalties for 84 yards against bad teams. Against the Patriots, those mistakes will prove more costly if not corrected…The pass rush is lacking. The Ravens had 2 quarterback pressures against the Browns and 2sacks. Entering the game the Browns had given up 9 sacks in 2 games. The hope here is that Greg Mattison decided to not give the Patriots much to study on film and held back on creative blitz packages.

THE UGLY: The Cleveland Browns, uniforms, head coach, water bottles and the stench they left on the field.

THE MEGAN FOX: Derrick Mason corrals his 800th career catch and also works his way back to an underthrown ball by Joe Flacco and turned it into a 72 yard touchdown. On the day Mason had 5 catches for 118 yards. And the Ravens need Brandon Marshall why?


Jerry B said...

Flacco is so good that he's able to make an average receiving corps look anything but! Just imagine if he had a "deep threat" to complement Mason......

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

the Browns might be even worse than the Redskins

Harryos29 said...

I agree with 3rdstonefromthe sun
the Browns are worse than the Redskins Maybe the Browns need a locker room visit from MEGAN FOX get them Up for the next game?