Tuesday, September 15, 2009

McAlister returning to NFL? If so New England seems like a logical fit

"I will be back in full force on Sept. 15. I can't say what team yet, but I will be playing again."

Those are the words of Chris McAlister according to ProFootballTalk.com.

It’s interesting that a player of McAlister’s ilk has had to sit around and stare at the telephone waiting for a call. Clearly there’s more to CMac’s story and the shocking lack of interest in his services than just a recovering knee.

McAlister has had his share of off the field issues and in deep dark corners of meeting rooms in Owings Mills, there were whispers of ongoing issues. Perhaps the whispers are no longer secrets and the word is out.

Let’s just say McAlister likes the night life and leave it at that.

But for the right price and the right team, CMac is a low risk acquisition now that the season is under way. If McAlister is right, the team he signs on will likely only offer the veteran minimum and they can cut him loose at any time without paying another dime beyond his then most recently completed game. He can be had for a short-term rental.

After watching the Patriots last night, a team with needs at corner, Boston just might be the new home for the former career-long Raven. Bill Belichick has embraced other teams’ malcontents and stacked the deck in his favor while doing so. He nailed Randy Moss for a fourth round pick and somewhere along the line Moss bought in and the Patriots are a better team as a result.

The same could happen for the Patriots with McAlister.

One slip up – one way too late night down in the pubs around the Faneuil Hall area and Belichick can cut CMac in an instant and not lose a thing. Yet the upside could be substantial.

Some might wonder why the Ravens don’t embrace a similar approach with McAlister but that would never work. The strategy in order to be effective requires a change of scenery.

For the Ravens, ship No. 21 has sailed.

Good luck with the cheaters and see you on October 4...