Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kruger's inactivity is a bit of a mystery

I’m questioned often about the availability of Paul Kruger – check that, the unavailability of Paul Kruger. So far he’s been inactive each game during his rookie campaign and with the apparent lack of a pass rush, many are wondering why he’s nothing more than a spectator.

Making the roster move even more curious is the disappearing act of Demetrius Williams. So far in 2009 Williams hasn’t even sniffed the football, still looking for his first catch. I would even venture to say that the once promising wide receiver has lined up as the fourth receiver in four wide sets less than backup quarterback Troy Smith.

Kruger we’re told isn’t as good a special teams player as Antwan Barnes and therefore until he proves otherwise or someone slips in performance or worse, is injured, Kruger may as well bring his pompoms to the sidelines.

Yet with Williams being an absolute zero and now with the return of L.J. Smith, why not activate Kruger and let him hand the pompoms to Williams. If you really need a No. 4 wideout, then flank L.J. or Heap.

Look I get that the Kruger and Williams play different positions and maybe that knocks the balance of the game day roster slightly out of whack. But c’mom, you and I are just one notch below Williams on the special teams depth chart.

Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg doesn’t even have Williams on the S/T radar screen and you can’t tell me that Williams, a not-exactly-physical offensive player can offer more to his squad than Kruger, a high motor, relentless defender.

Maybe this is all part of the coaching staff’s grand 16 game scheme. Maybe they’d like both Williams and Kruger to have fresh legs at the backstretch of the season. Let’s hope so because no matter how the Ravens want to spin it, as it looks today sitting Kruger and dressing No. 87 makes no sense from this corner.
Photo by Sabina Moran.


Harryos29 said...

TONY, Thanks for clearing up this question, that I, along with 70,000 other Ravens fans would like answered.
Having JOHN HARBAUGH as the head coach, and with his extensive SPECIAL TEAMS BACKGROUND, its obvious that Coach places much more emphasis on ST than other NFL coaches. Its only been 3 games, but until Carr breaks off a couple like LEONARD did, I cannot see the value of letting JIM LEONARD GO? How much is CARR making? and How much did the JETS give LEONARD to drive up the NJ TPK to play in the Meadowlands?
However, IMHO, the special teams have not BEEN that SPECIAL so far. Jim LEONARD, was a more productive RETURNER than Chris Carr! Are we all watching the same game here? I'm old School; Give me a Rick Volk, Bruce Laird back there who catches every punt and kick off , and makes maxium yardage every time....
..And for the readers out there, NO! I do not have a man-crush on Leonard; I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy and his lovely wife at a couple of local events, and I'm here to tell you; Jimmy has excellent taste in women.
...In Closing, I am very very happy with the 3-0 start by the TEAM and now the REAL Schedule begins. I pray that we stay healthy and continue to be productive in the RED ZONE!
...Awaiting sightings of #87 and # 99. I think right now we need a #99 sighting more than #87, due to the emergence of # 15, Kelley Washington, who has been nothing short of Fantastic this season.

Jerry B said...

Kruger's absence is more understandable than Williams'! If Kruger's time will come, it looks like Williams' has come and.....gone! What puzzles me, though, is if you're not going to play Williams, why not deactivate him and activate someone who can help like, maybe....Kruger?! As for kick returners, frankly, I'd like to see Ladarius Webb because Carr has been less than inspiring.....

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

agree that Kruger not playing is baffling

he is non stop and high character

Anonymous said...

As the 4th WR, Demetrius has to be active in case a receiver goes down. The last man on the 45 is actually Matt Lawrence. With three other effective RBs active in the event of injury, I have trouble believing Lawrence's value to special teams is more important than an occasional situational pass rush from Kruger. Maybe Preston has it right - that Kruger is just not that good yet. I ask again - can this be another DeCosta draft disappointment??

Anonymous said...

Indulge an old man one minute. I agree regarding Williams and his reasons for being active. Sound thinking. Regarding Kruger and your seeming contempt for Mr. DeCosta, I ask, arent' all the draft picks Mr. Newsome's picks as General Manager. For if you blame Decosta for Kruger and others, then you simply must praise him for Flacco, Gaither, et al. You simply can't have it both ways. My feelings regarding the draft have always been akin to my feelings regarding my portfolio stocks.....Some are great, others good, some tread water, and others flounder. In the end, since the draft is certainly an inexact science, all i look for is that we are ahead. It seems we are . I am happy that our team is 3-0 and that the Ravens seem to have great leadership with Mr. Harbaugh, Mr. Newsome, and Mr. Decosta. I would say we are ahead. Mr. Kruger's career will be judged by how he plays over the next four years, not by his inactivity to date. I mention Mr. Chester as a relevant comparison. Labelling a draft pick as a "disappointment" after several months seems premature. I think Mr. Newsome and Mr. Decosta have earned our trust by building a strong team that has the sixth best record of any team in this decade.

Thank you, sir, for allowing my indulgence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 - I'm very pleased to give credit to DeCosta for his phenomenal 1st rounders. However, the # of good picks in the rest of his drafts (like LeRon McClain) pale in comparison to the # of bad picks. Also, whereas Savage had signed a litany of quality UFAs, DeCosta has signed very few who have contributed. I'll always say DeCosta deserves his position simply because of those 1st rounders, but I shake my head when the media annoints him as some great overall draft expert.

Harryos29 said...

HARRY OS 29 10/3/2009
..I would activate KRUGER in a nano second..but I'm not in a position to. We need a pass rush vs NE on Sunday..and kruger may be the NEXT "AD" in waiting. Lets find out soon. I dont' think there is anything wrong with Williams...look at it this way.. harbaugh is a psycholigist..he may be holding willams back for later in the seaon..when he is needed.
..and to MR Anonymous, I have a feeling that Mr Lombardi has a great deal of RESPECT for MR DE COSTA and values his judgement on football Talent.