Monday, September 21, 2009

Ed Reeeeeed...where are uuuuuuu?

Many Ravens fans are placing the blame of the Ravens’ defensive lapses on Sunday resulting in 8 explosive plays of 20+ yards and 5 plays of 35+ yards, squarely at the feet of the secondary – particularly the corners.

By their own admission Domonique Foxworth and Fabian Washington had bad afternoons. From my vantage point, Washington’s was clearly the worst of the two performances.

But that aside, one player who must accept responsibility for a defensive backfield performance reminiscent of the 1996-98 days of Donny Brady and DeRon Jenkins is none other than All Pro Ed Reed. Reed failed to provide over the top coverage in Cover 2 alignments on no less than two of the big Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson connections of 35+ yards including the touchdown.

Reed did next to nothing in this contest and it’s very difficult to recall a game in which such a celebrated defender was so irrelevant to his team and inviting to the opponent.

If you are wondering if Reed’s disappearing act is unique to Sunday’s game, well stop the cerebral burn now! In 2008, a season during which the free safety was the only unanimous All Pro selection and was given serious Defensive Player of the Year consideration, Reed had only 1 interception and 6 passes defended through the first 10 games.

Maybe he’s just a slow starter?

Photo by Sabina Moran


Scott said...

Tony, I found this interesting regarding Ed's season stats: since 2002, his interception totals have been the following: 5, 7, 9, 1, 5, 7, 9, __. I believe either 1 or 5 is the next to occur in that pattern. Additionally, his tackle totals have decreased rather sharply from 85 in 2002 to 41 in 2008, with a spike of 60 in 2006.

This could be one of Ed's "off" years... but I'm not banking on it just yet.

Jerry B said...

Or, maybe he misses Jim Leonhard! After Leonhard replaced the injured Landry at safety last year, Ed Reed played "lights out" for the remainder of the season, notwithstanding his impingement injury! Howver, as I've stated repeatedly to anyone who would listen, the pass coverage is only going to be as good as the pass rush! And, so far, Mattison appears to be too conservative and Trevor Pryce appears to have lost at least a step, allowing Suggs to be double-teamed! Hopefully, they'll look at the film, see what we see and make the necessary adjustments! By the way, I've been a Frank Walker detractor in the past, but the guy seems to come up big when needed.....

ravcolt said...

Don't forget, Ed got his bell rung inadvertantly early in the game by Dwan Landry, on top of last week's bell-ringing play when he was laid out flat after bringing a nice hit in front of the end zone. He probably should have been sat down. And yes, we all miss Jim Leonhard.

Harryos29 said...

harry os29 9 22 09
I would NEVER let ED Reed Blitz....Send in another DB.
Ed is way too valubale covering up for others mistakes...IMHO..
Also...on Trevor Pryce..he has not lost a step..On the Radio both Stan White and Rob Burnett...who know a thing or two about the Game...continue to Report that Pryce is being HELD on every play and its never called. whats up with that ..come on REFS...grab that Yellow Hankeeeee !