Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ravens fans should be wishing Roethlisberger a speedy recovery

The Steelers are saying very little about Ben Roethlisberger’s Achilles injury other than it doesn’t appear to be serious. He is making the trip tonight to DC where Pittsburgh will take on the Redskins at Fed Ex Field.

Could the Steelers be throwing out a smokescreen with Big Ben on board for the trip?

Are they secretly scouring the available quarterbacks while keeping Ben’s physical status shrouded in mystery with his presence tonight at the Snyder Estate amounting to no more than a red herring?

They might be and if so, who could blame them?

These questions aside, I can’t help coming back to the same hopeful conclusion – Ben is going to be ok!

I want Roethlisberger to be ok. A healthy Big Ben makes the league better. Of course it makes the Ravens’ arch-rival/enemy better as well but that’s ok. Who among you would want to beat the Steelers in 2009, win the AFC North Title and then have it feel somewhat hollow because the Steelers’ fans that infest the Land of Pleasant Living remind you repeatedly that the Ravens were 0-3 in ’08 against Ben?

Let’s face it, if you harbor resentment towards Roethlisberger it’s because he’s beaten your team. When he escapes a sack again and again and makes a play downfield, it sends you into a frenzy. Chairs have been broken, TV’s destroyed, windows shatters and marriages pushed to the brink when Big Ben slips a Ravens’ defender and hits Santonio Holmes with a game changing pass.

Admit it, with all due respect to Joe Flacco, you’d love to have Roethlisberger on your team. And since he never will be, you hope that someday Flacco can become the playmaker that Big Ben is.

Competitors want to beat their foes when both are at their best. The Steelers are not the Steelers without No. 7. Charlie Batch? Charlie B-B-Batch? How can anyone feel good about beating the Steelers with Charlie Batch behind center?

C’mon admit it; the best thing for all of us is for Roethlisberger to be 100% and ready to go at the start of the season. If you disagree, then you’re probably the kind that wanted a head start as a kid when participating in footraces or you are the first to suggest mulligans on the golf course.

That’s the behavior of a loser!

Photo by Sabina Moran


Ravensgirl said...

Amen! I definitely want the Ravens to play a 100% healthy Pittsburgh! Win or lose, it's usually the best game of the year. Bring it on!

Ngata Yard said...

I couldn't agree more. I want to beat the best with my best but injuries are part of the game and there are few players that if lost can impact their team's season as much as Ben. Manning is one, Brady another particularly now that Cassel gone but there probably are no others that fall into such a category.

I just know that on Nov 29 when I'm up there in section 513 I want to see No. 7 on the ground courtesy of No. 92 in purple.