Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Meet the new McGahee

I have been openly critical of Willis McGahee in the past. To me, he is a quintessential underachiever – a gifted athlete with highly desirable skills who for whatever reason, doesn’t put those skills to use for his employer on Sundays.

McGahee isn’t really a malcontent. He doesn’t lash out verbally at anyone in a malicious way. If anything, his body language when addressing the media is a bit sheepish and reminiscent of that of a little kid.

I think McGahee is just lazy and I have little use for such athletes.

I’ll take the Kelly Greggs of the world again and again and again.

Heading into this offseason the Ravens would have cut McGahee loose if they didn’t have what I referred to as an $11.25 million salary cap noose hanging around their collective neck. So they kept him on the roster, much to their chagrin.

Yet somewhere between his last appearance at mandatory organized team activities and the start of Training Camp 2009, the light went on for McGahee. Maybe his agent Drew Rosenhaus reminded the former Miami Hurricane that he could be cut loose in 2010 if he didn’t step it up AND if the Ravens did part ways with him, it would crush McGahee’s future market value.

Who would want what would then amount to a two-time loser (strikeouts in Buffalo and Baltimore) with a history of knee problems and poor work habits?

Whatever the reason, McGahee is clearly a different guy today then he was two months ago. He’s in better shape, practicing hard, he’s vocal and enthusiastic and the competition between him and Ray Rice can do nothing but make the Ravens better.

Let’s hope that John Harbaugh and his staff can continue to keep McGahee motivated and that they can employ the Motel 6 philosophy and keep the light on for No. 23.

Photo by Sabina Moran


Anonymous said...

Tony, I am impressed with McGahee's new attitude, he's a totally different player, and the competition between him and Ray Rice will definitely make the Ravens a much stronger team indeed.

Ben said...

My worry with McGahee is his consistency. If you think about it whenever people count him out, thats when he decides to show up. He did it in Buffalo after the catastrophic knee injury, and his first year in Baltimore after the Bills wrote him off as a malcontent. Now hes back at it after being challenged by the media as "washed up" or simply lazy. So I understand that he is going out to prove people wrong, he seems to relish that role, I only wonder what will happen next year. Will the McGahee roller coaster continue?

Harryos29 said...

HARRY O 29 August 5th
I have only vistied TRG camp once so far, the first DAY. I stayed and watched after practice , while WILLIS was just running plays, and practicing cuts and other moves.
...He sure looks healthy enough and I am not an Autograph seeker, but I followed him down the line as he chatted with the many fans who sought his autograph. He signed every article that was put in front of him, and seemed to carry on a cheerful banter with the young kids and adults too.
...PERSONALLY, I think he will have a good year; and he impressed me very much in the AFC Championship game, by still being ALIVE after that Vicious hit he took! The man is not short on ...courage.. I'd like to use another term but this is a public forum.
...As they say in the Broadcast booth...we'll see. IMHO, he will not be a RAVEN in 2010, no matter how he plays in 2009.