Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marshall to Baltimore rumors nothing more than hot air(waves)

It’s not going to happen no matter what rumors, newspaper sales, radio buzz and website hits The Sun's Mike Preston tries to stir up. Give the man credit for all the above but take a few points away for being way off base. We’ve been saying it and we’ll keep saying it – the Ravens are not interested in Brandon Marshall and contrary to what many say, the team has never pursued Marshall. They love his skills, hate everything else.

Marshall’s antics fly in the face of what John Harbaugh stands for. Steve Bisciotti has said in the past that he would like to model his franchise after that of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you can park your emotions at the curb for a moment, be honest…you would love for the Ravens to have the consistency of that organization.

So if we can take Bisciotti’s words at face value, ask yourself this, “Would the Steelers pursue Brandon Marshall if their wide receiver corps consisted of the Ravens’ receivers?”

I think that would be a, “No!”

And it’s a “No!” for the Ravens too.


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 8/20/09
NO WAY JOSE...I trust OZZIE and STEVE that they will never turn this Franchise into the OAKLAND Raiders of the EAST. No matter how thin people may think the TEAM is at W/R...we don't Need NO STINKIN Problems.
I agree with TONY. This will never happen..
.Sorry Anita !!!

Jerry B said...

Tony: Couldn't agree more on Marshall, who has more baggage than he's worth. What is puzzling to me, though, is why the Ravens, who are in need of quality receivers, would take a promising receiver like Marcus Smith and subject him to injuries on special teams? I remember the opening game of the Super Bowel year when Quadry Ismail was injured returning the opening kickoff, but was able to return and contribute. He never returned a kickoff after that incident and, of course, we saw what happened to Smith Monday night....

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 8 20 09
In response to JERRY B.. the Only way that MARCUS SMITH would make the final Roster...was if he played well on Special Teams. He was just hurt in a normal play...STUFF happens when you play football. I like the kid a lot...but INJURIEs do occur..

Ben said...

wait for it...I think I hear anonymous coming to tell us we will rue the day we passed on Marshall!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, Ravens need a deep threat. Recent history does not lead me to believe that Clayton or Williams will emerge as CONSISTENT deep threats because they can not stay on the field. Consequently, I believe that the Ravens should go after Marshall (25 years old).

Although I agree with many of you that Marshall is not going to win any humanitarian awards, he is one of the best receivers / deep threats in the league and he is not under any league suspension.

If the Ravens obtained Marshall in a trade, I would hope that a veteran team, such as the Ravens, would help to stabilize his behavior so that he could get his life going into more of a positive and productive direction.

Maybe I reaching here, but a change of scenery (i.e. Trade to Baltimore) may help this kid.