Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey Ravens fans, it won't be Reggie Brown at WR either...

Whether you choose to believe this or not is clearly up to you, but I can tell you without hesitation and this comes from an extremely reliable and well placed source...the Ravens have NEVER, contrary to what you hear every day on 105.7 The Fan, NEVER, reached out in pursuit of Brandon Marshall.

That’s not to say that calls weren’t placed to Ozzie by agents or the Broncos regarding Marshall but the Ravens have never had sincere interest. They like his ball skills – hate everything else. His character or lack thereof flies in the face of what the Ravens as an organization stand for today.

The team did hold discussions before the draft about Anquan Boldin. Some players were discussed that are currently on the team's roster along with a pick. It didn't work out primarily due to the contract demands of Boldin.

As for Reggie Brown, it's only natural to assume that the Ravens would have a friendly trade partner in the Eagles, given they are out of conference, just up the road and the Harbaugh-Reid connection. I've been told that the rumors regarding Brown are "garbage."

That doesn't mean the Ravens aren't interested in some wide receiver from the Eagles roster.

It appears though that that someone, assuming he’s an Eagle, isn’t Reggie least not by trade.


jravens727 said...

I hope not. Reggie Brown is no better than the recievers we currently have on the roster. We don't need him. What exactly does he bring to the table tha we don't currently have on the roster? I think we will be fine.

RayReed2052 said...

if it is someone from the eagles i would much rather have Kevin Curtis. just a thought but what about Matt Jones? I know he has had some issues but for the money you get a big, pyhsical, guy who can catch just about anything.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the Matt Jones crap...he is available, if the Ravens wanted the coke fiend, they would of at least brought him in for a workout. Get over Jones, he is garbage and a druggie!