Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Bart, Rex WAS NOT the Ravens head coach in '08!

Bart Scott was completely out of line after the Ravens preseason win against the Jets, reflecting upon the success of the Ravens in 2008 and giving the deliverer of his millions and millions a big (albeit misguided) pat on the back.

"[Rex] was always the head coach," Scott said in reference to Ryan's tenure in Baltimore. "He was the head coach of that football team last year, whether you guys know it or not. He kept that team together. The defense leads that team over there, and he controls that defense."

While it’s foolish to challenge the influence that Ryan had on the Ravens’ defense, to say that he was the head coach is a slap in the face to John Harbaugh who ushered in a genuine concept of “RAVENS”, where no individual, no unit was any more important than the team. Harbaugh also assembled an outstanding coaching staff that collectively helped to manage games and provide the necessary guidance and tutelage to navigate a team through a forfeited bye week and key injuries right to the AFC Championship Game with a rookie quarterback who had little time with the first team during training camp.

Harbaugh effectively dealt with issues concerning Willis McGahee and Chris McAlister – the later being a player that Ryan had trouble reeling in.

Bart is a good guy and is both family and community oriented. He’s intelligent, hard working and a tough player. But having co-hosted a radio show with him during the 2007 season, I can tell you that he can spew out things driven by emotion that belie his normally even keeled off the field temperament. Back in 2007 he publicly supported Michael Vick’s reinstatement even then. I tried successfully to go to a commercial break and sweep that one under the carpet.

Perhaps one day, we’ll do the same with this statement but for now to borrow from another coach that Bart didn’t seem to respect all that much, let’s call it an egregious lapse of reasoning on the Madbacker’s part.


Jerry B said...

Bart Scott's comments remind me of Edgerton Hartwell's when he went to the Falcons. Both can be classified as the "mouths that roared"! We know how Hartwell ended up. Let's see how Scott does in New York without Ray Lewis and the great supporting cast he had here.......

Anonymous said...

Scott's comments are ridiculous. A lack of discipline was the hallmark of the 5-11 team that spelled the end of Billick's tenure in Baltimore, and Rex Ryan's vaunted defense was the least disciplined group on the team.

Harbaugh changed that, not Rex Ryan.