Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frank Walker an inviting target in more ways than one

Sometimes a former assistant has an advantage over his old team – he knows their secrets. That’s why it’s no surprise that Rex Ryan used draws and screens against his old unit to counteract their collective aggressiveness.

It should shock no one that he also attacked Frank Walker with speed.

Walker brings physicality to the Ravens secondary that is clearly lacking on the edges. While he’s shown improvement Fabian Washington will remind no one of Chris McAlister when it comes to run support or tackling in the secondary. Nor will Domonique Foxworth for that matter.

Walker at this time last year was no different really than he is at this time this season. He was burned regularly. Yet somewhere along the way, he started to play well when the Ravens were forced to turn to him down the stretch last season due to injury.

Maybe his legs were fresher than the normally speedier opponents and maybe that helped him latch on inside of the 5 yard contact area. Maybe the wear and tear of the season slowed opposing receivers that were starters from day 1. Maybe it was a combination of both that led to Walker’s success late in the ’08 campaign.

But with a $1.6 million cap savings the Ravens will realize if they cut Walker loose and given Derrick Martin’s physical play coupled with the team’s needs on offense it’s looking more and more like Walker the Talker just might become Walker the Walker.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think the Ravens like Walker just so he can give the defense a different matchup look on occasion because of that physicality. If Rolle starts on PUP, i don't think there's a numbers game to force Walker out

Anonymous said...

To me, you sort of invalidate your argument when you say Walker was burned in pre-season last year but came on down the stretch to play well. If I'm the Ravens, I'm looking for more of the same. After all, isn't pre-season to work all the kinks out? I noticed on that particular play that Walker was playing straight man and was positioned outside the receiver off the snap. He's got virtually no shot at stopping the receiver, based on his initial techniques. My way of thinking, these things can be improved. Just like they were (according to you) last year.

Jerry B said...

I thought he was a liability in pre-season last year, but he came on to play reasonably well during the season. That being said, he still appears to be the "weak link" in the secondary and, with as much depth as they appear to have, he's probably the most expendable.....