Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What would YOU do for Ravens Tickets?

Back when I hosted The Bart Scott Show during the tumultuous 2007 Season down at Della Rose’s Tavern in Canton, one of the things we tinkered with to help improve spirits during the midst of a nine game losing streak was a talent show of sorts.

At the time, the talent show morphed into a cross between Fear Factor and The Gong Show driven by this theme: What would you do for Ravens tickets?

The effort certainly paid off as the antics of most were appreciated and enjoyed by Della’s patrons.

Looking back, I’ve wondered how much better the “show” would have been if we promoted the idea more regularly and efficiently. Well I’m wondering no more – now we are doing!

We are rekindling the concept and we plan on touring area pubs which will serve as the hosting venues for the contest What Would You Do For Ravens Tickets? We are also encouraging our site visitors and all Ravens fans to submit creative videos celebrating your purple passion. No guidelines...the only thing we ask is that you be entertaining.

Prior to each home game we will select the best vids of the group, place them on our site and ask our visitors to choose the winner via a popular vote. The winner will receive a pair of tickets for a Ravens game and they will be eligible for our grand prize at the end of the season. We are currently in the process of developing those details which we will be providing in the not too distant future.

We will even accept previously recorded videos from your archives if you believe they are worthy. Send all vid files to

As mentioned we plan on touring the metro area and set up dates in pubs you know by heart so that you can bring it live – we will record the performances on video and if they too are worthy, we’ll post them on our site and include them as candidates in the online vote. That said each pub visit will have its own set of winners regardless of the online vote.

Creativity pays!

Maybe you have an idea for a new Ravens’ fight song or maybe a song that focuses on a Ravens player or coach; maybe you’ve got a new cheer or dance or comic routine that you’d like to share; maybe you have an entertaining tailgate video.

Remember, no guidelines...the only thing we ask is that you be entertaining.

Send in those vids!

BLEED PURPLE, have a great summer and stay tuned...


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 June 17th
Wow...great idea. Is that PIC of the fan holding a plastic freezer bag of water...full of GOLD FISH? I remember some college buddies who would swallow a gold fish on a bet? You said. "NO WALLS"... I like the idea that you have...if you come WEST.. to E.W. BECKs or better yet to MONAGHANS in Woodlawn..let us know your schedule...we will be there.
As the Orioles continue to TEASE the Fans... most of us cannot wait for Trg camp to begin in Westminster.
In closing... DO NOT TRADE FOR BRANDON MARSHALL... I do not care if he caught 200 balls in Denver last year. This guy is a BAG of SNAKES. He has had 11..count em ELEVEN run inns with the LAW in the past 15 months...NO THANK YOU DENVER!
p.s. Will the XFACTOR return in the Fall? We need some FRESH local Radio programming ...NOW!